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Marvel's Midnight Suns Challenge Guides

RoofusLukas dives deep into each of the playable character's gameplay styles and shows you how to complete their challenges


Welcome to the Midnight Suns Challenge Guide. Midnight Suns is a Tactical RPG that combines card game mechanics with turn-based combat. You play as an original character made specifically for Midnight Suns known as “The Hunter” – the offspring of Lilith in a dark, occult, and mysterious adventure to defeat her. Recruiting characters from the Marvel Comics pantheon along the way, you will train with superheroes and upgrade your base of operations between missions. Aside from that, you will also have the mysteries of the Abbey and its grounds to uncover in a third-person open-world where you interact, enhance, and befriend these heroes with various hang outs, activities, and gifts. With all these features, the game does a great job of easing you into the routine of daily tasks as they get added… but you are here for the challenge guides so let’s get on with it.

How to unlock the Midnight Suns Challenges

Once researched at the Forge (Titled “Forged in Hellfire”) and unlocked with Credits, you will gain access to the Armory and its Midnight Suns challenges. The Midnight Suns challenges will be unlocked for every character whose friendship has reached level 5 and upon completion will unlock their Midnight Suns costume and their Legendary card. Disregarding these crucial rewards, each challenge is more like an optimised tutorial that dives deep into each character’s strength, as such I would recommend completing these challenges as early as possible so you can learn what cards work best for each character and their playstyle.

Click the links below to find the guides for the characters you need.