Featured image of post Midnight Suns Magik Challenge Guide - Demon Child

Midnight Suns Magik Challenge Guide - Demon Child

A visual and written guide for Magik's Midnight Suns Challenge – Demon Child

Magik’s challenge asks you to defeat the Incarnation of Memory and acquire the “Darkchylde” card to survive the enemy assault. Her challenge is particularly unique compared to the others; the objective is not to defeat all enemies but to survive. Environmental hazards are also placed to the left and right of Magik’s position that cause the Weak and Vulnerable status effect. The challenge begins with a large hand of “Soul Blast,” 2 “Trap Door,” “Kick,” “Quick Soulslash,” “Limbo’s Grasp,” and “Limbo Portal.” Redraws and Moves are disabled.

Magik controls the battlefield with portals. She is not the strongest of characters but she does not need to be. As a free action she can create gateways to push enemies into and move them around the battlefield and into hazards or drops for huge damage and easy K.O.’s. Her deck is filled to the brim with cards that use Knockback and move enemies around the map, she can even add a 4th member to the team for a couple of turns making her an effective alternative support character.

The objective here is to effectively bully the Incarnation of Memory holding the “Darkchylde” card and throw them into every hazard possible.


  • First, use “Limbo’s Grasp” to make it so that every time an enemy is knocked through a portal, they will take damage.

  • Second, using “Limbo Portal” to create a portal directed towards the green hazard to the right of Magik, this will incur the Vulnerable status effect to our target on the next turn.

  • Third, “Quick Soulslash” the Incarnation of Memory holding “Darkchylde” into the portal and into the green hazard.

  • Fourth, you will need to use “Trap Door” to move the same Incarnation of Memory over to the left and in front of the red hazard on Magik’s left.

  • Fifth, now with the Incarnation properly placed, “Kick” them into the red hazard for extra damage.

  • Sixth, use your final “Trap Door” and place the exit in front of one the other Incarnations and follow up with a “Soul Blast” right into them. This will earn you the “Darkchylde” card.

  • Last, play “Darkchylde” and end your turn to complete the challenge. Congratulations!

See below for the visual guide and walkthrough on YouTube.