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Midnight Suns Venom Challenge Guide - Brain Buffet

A visual and written guide for Venom's Midnight Suns Challenge – Brain Buffet

Venom’s challenge asks you to defeat all 5 Incarnations of Memory and acquire the “Assimilation” card, once acquired you must then destroy the 2 Whispers of Memory (Incarnations stand in front while the Whispers stand behind.) Starting with a hand consisting of “Lethal Embrace,” 2 “Tendril Strike,” “Spike Burst,” and a “Web Toss+” you will need to pick your targets wisely. Among the group of Incarnations are 2 that hold the “Insatiable Hunger” and “Tasty Brains” cards. On the map you will also notice a single Environmental hazard that causes the Vulnerable debuff. As usual, Redraws and Moves are disabled for this challenge.

Venom is a veritable wrecking ball - designed to deal damage in short bursts. Their passive ability “Ravenous” increases their power but will deplete the meter every time one of their offensive cards are played. Venom’s gameplay style is completely dependent on maintaining “Ravenous” to keep him as effective as possible on every turn. With this in mind, no Venom player should be without “Insatiable Hunger” and “Symbiotic Senses” in their deck – simply to recover “Ravenous” or negate the cost of playing his cards entirely.

The key to completing this challenge is grabbing the “Insatiable Hunger” as early as possible and making the best use possible of the one Environmental hazard on the map with its Vulnerable debuff. Follow along with the video below if you need.


  • First, “Lethal Embrace” the Incarnation holding the “Insatiable Hunger” card, this will K.O. thanks to its additional damage on a full HP target.

  • Second, with “Insatiable Hunger” now in your hand immediately play it and follow up with “Spike Burst” to hit the 3 Incarnations closest to you.

  • Third, use “Tendril Strike” to attack the Incarnations with the lowest and highest HP – scoring a K.O. on the lowest HP target.

  • Fourth, “Web Toss+” and grab the Incarnation to your right and control the knockback into the green Environmental hazard, causing a Vulnerable debuff and K.O. on another Incarnation.

  • Fifth, with your final “Tendril Strike” use both hits to target the now Vulnerable target and pick up the “Tasty Brains” card.

  • Sixth, “Tasty Brains” the final Incarnation of Memory and acquire the “Assimilation” card.

  • Seventh, Buff yourself with “Assimilation” to earn a new “Tasty Brains” card and play it against one of the Whispers of Memory to earn another “Lethal Embrace”

  • Lastly, “Lethal Embrace” the final Whisper of Memory and congratulations, you have completed the challenge.

See below for the visual guide and walkthrough on YouTube.