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Midnight Suns Spider-Man Challenge Guide - Wall Crawler

A visual and written guide for Spider-Man's Midnight Suns Challenge – Wall Crawler

Spider-Man’s challenge asks you to defeat all Whispers of Memory to acquire the “Wall Crawler” card. With only 3 Whispers on the map and an Incarnation of Memory this does not sound like a difficult task but, with a starting hand consisting of only 2 cards; “Special Delivery+,” and “Opportunist,” you will soon find how tricky this challenge really is. Also on the map are 3 Sarcophagi that you can use as environmental attacks. This is the only challenge where Moves are fully enabled which means you will need to be extremely precise with each time you reposition.

Spider-Man is best described as a sweeper type, swinging around the map with his extra Moves and Free Environment attacks, he can position himself anywhere on the map with ease. As a sweeper, Spider-Man is best used to clear the map of Minions and low health enemies without spending extra card plays or heroism to do so – leaving the rest of the team to focus on the Elite’s and Boss.’ His cards are not particularly hard hitting and his damage potential is limited even more so to having environmental hazards on the map but with cards like “Webslinger” and his Area of Effect cards he can make up for his shortcomings easier than the rest of the cast.

To complete this challenge successfully you will need to make full use of the 3 Sarcophagi as Environment attacks and its Knockback to deal as much damage as possible.


  • First, use “Opportunist” to reduce the cost of your next 2 Environment attacks to and gain some extra Moves.

  • Second, with your last card “Special Delivery+” you need to target the middle Whisper of Memory and K.O. them by controlling the Knockback into the Incarnation of Memory.

  • Third, you will now need to move Spider-Man slightly to the left behind the Sarcophagus next to you and use the Free Environment attack (Thanks to “Opportunist”) and control the knockback effect to create a domino chain that hits the Incarnation and K.O.’s the Whisper of Memory behind them.

  • Fourth, move yourself again to left inside the small pocket between the other Sarcophagi and the border of the battlefield. Line up another Free Environment attack to again hit the Incarnation of Memory and control the knockback towards the Whisper behind for another K.O.

  • Fifth, with your last Move, position yourself behind the last Sarcophagus in front and Environment attack the Incarnation one last time for the final K.O. and acquire the “Infernal Spider” card.

  • Sixth, it’s not over yet. A crystal will appear and you will need to play “Infernal Spider” to draw some more cards and break it. Play these in any order you wish. Congratulations you have completed this challenge.

See below for the visual guide and walkthrough on YouTube.