Featured image of post Midnight Suns Morbius Challenge Guide - Late Night Snack

Midnight Suns Morbius Challenge Guide - Late Night Snack

A visual and written guide for Morbius' Midnight Suns Challenge – Late Night Snack

Morbius’ challenge asks you to defeat the Whispers of Memory to acquire the “Undying Fury” card. Starting with a hand of 2 “Claw,” “Quick Claw,” and a “Mist Form+” the idea is to power up your lower damage cards enough to collect the cards you need to finish the challenge. On the map are 5 Whispers of Memory holding 2 “Shadow Strike,” “Feeding Frenzy,” and a “Claw” card, 1 Incarnation of Memory stands behind. Redraws and Moves are disabled.

Morbius operates as a hybrid character that takes inspiration from Captain Marvel and Blade. Specialising in Bleed, his special trait “Hunger” grants the Free “Bloodlust” card after 3 of his cards are played. “Bloodlust” gives Morbius an amount of Block and applies a Bleed effect to all his cards for as long as the Block is maintained – like Captain Marvel’s Binary trait. He can also chain strikes while capitalising on Bleed to deal the duration’s effect in one shot the same way as Blade. His Charm and Concealment abilities however are unfortunately less practical and effective than the Hunter’s “Mindbender” and Collar bonuses.

This challenge requires you to build up the “Hunger” trait for “Bloodlust” and apply the Bleed effect on as many of the enemies as possible to make Morbius’ “Claw” cards deal as much damage as it possibly can.


  • First, “Quick Claw” the Whisper holding the “Claw” card on your right.

  • Second, use “Mist Form+” to increase the power of your next play and follow up with “Claw” on the Whisper holding “Shadow Strike” next to the previous target and earn the “Bloodlust” card.

  • Third, play “Bloodlust” to add the Bleed effect to the rest of your cards and use “Shadow Strike” to attack all 3 of the remaining Whispers.

  • Fourth, now with a Bleed effect on the Whisper holding the other “Shadow Strike,” use “Claw” to finish it off and acquire it.

  • Fifth, stack up the Bleed some more with “Shadow Strike” again but focus 2 of the strikes onto the Whisper holding “Feeding Frenzy” and finish it off with the final “Claw.”

  • Sixth, use “Feeding Frenzy” on the final Whisper in front of you and cash in all that Bleed effect to take him out.

  • Seventh, with “Undying Fury” now in your hand and an extra “Claw” card, all that is left is to apply Bleed one more time on the Incarnation of Memory behind with “Claw” and finish it off with “Undying Fury”. Congratulations, you have completed the challenge.

See below for the visual guide and walkthrough on YouTube.