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Midnight Suns Deadpool Challenge Guide - Fourth Wall

A visual and written guide for Deadpool's Midnight Suns Challenge – Fourth Wall

Deadpool’s challenge asks you to defeat all 7 Whispers of Memory to acquire the “Burning Sensation” card and defeat the Incarnation of Memory with it. Starting with “Spread the Love,” “Mag Dump,” and 2 “Death From Above” cards you need to conserve cards that will do extra damage later in the “En Fuego” chain. Two of the Whispers of Memory hold an extra “Spread the Love” and a “Pain Piñata” card, these are your first targets. This challenge will get a bit tricky with explaining who to target so follow along with the video guide below if you need.

Deadpool is an Assassin type character, his special trait “En Fuego” slowly increases the power of his cards with each kill milestone and for as long as other teammates can keep the attention away from him, he can become a powerhouse. His “Hey #^*face!” card can also protect the “En Fuego” chain by providing some invulnerability with Resist.

To complete this challenge you will need to collect the extra cards from the Whispers of Memory as quickly as possible and make the best use of each cards enhanced effects from a high “En Fuego” chains.


  • First, use “Spread the Love” to target the Whisper of Memory holding the extra “Spread the Love” and “Pain Piñata” cards. This K.O. will also boost your “En Fuego” count.

  • Second, with the extra damage boost from “En Fuego,” follow up with “Death From Above” on the Whisper holding the “Pain Piñata” to finish it off and earn the card.

  • Third, use “Pain Piñata” to target the three Whispers on the right, this will only take out one of the three but it will add an extra stack to “En Fuego.”

  • Fourth, “Spread the Love” on both Whispers on the outer sides of the group and once again increase the “En Fuego” buff.

  • Fifth, with the extra damage from “En Fuego” you will be able to take out the Whisper with the least amount of health with “Death From Above.”

  • Sixth, “Mag Dump” the final Whisper to receive the “Burning Sensation” card and play it against the Incarnation of Memory behind you. Congratulations, you have completed the challenge.

See below for the visual guide and walkthrough on YouTube.