Featured image of post Midnight Suns Doctor Strange Challenge Guide - Strange Memories

Midnight Suns Doctor Strange Challenge Guide - Strange Memories

A visual and written guide for Doctor Strange's Midnight Suns Challenge – Strange Memories

The Doctor Strange challenge asks you to destroy the Red Crystal and acquire the “Seven Suns of Cinnibus” card. With 3 “Bolt of Balthakk” cards in your hand, there is no room for error on what card to pick first, just whom you target. On the map will be 4 Whispers of Memory and an Incarnation of Memory each holding extra cards of their own including 2 “Blessing of the Vishanti,” 2 “Agamotto’s Gaze,” and a “Resonance” card. Redraws and Moves are disabled for this challenge.

Doctor Strange has the most variable playstyle in the entire cast (barring The Hunter), so much so that it is difficult to fit him into a specific class. With a broad spectrum of features and buffs in his cards, Doctor Strange can specialise in supporting the team with extra card plays, concealment and increasing attack power whilst at the same time building Heroism to augment the power of his own cards – a true Jack of all trades.

The trick in this challenge is to power one “Bolt of Balthakk” card to its maximum potential with both of the “Blessing of Vishanti” cards whilst replenishing your hand with “Agamotto’s Gaze” and “Resonance.”


  • First, strike either of the Whispers holding the “Blessing of the Vishanti” with a “Bolt of Balthakk.”

  • Second, play your new “Blessing of the Vishanti” to power up the rest of your hand and take out one of the Whispers holding the “Agamotto’s Gaze” card with another “Bolt of Balthakk.”

  • Third, now it is time to replenish your hand with “Agamotto’s Gaze,” notice that one of these cards is stronger than the rest, save it for later.

  • Fourth, using the weaker “Bolt of Balthakk” cards (But still strong enough thanks to its Heroism buff), target the last Whispers holding “Agamotto’s Gaze” and “Blessing of the Vishanti.”

  • Fifth, replenish your hand once more with “Agamotto’s Gaze” and follow up with “Blessing of the Vishanti” to buff them further.

  • Sixth, your strongest “Bolt of Balthakk” card will now be enough to one-shot the Incarnation of Memory, target them and claim the “Resonance” card and play it.

  • Seventh, unload your 4 fully charged “Bolt of Balthakk” cards onto the crystal and earn the “Seven Suns of Cinnibus.”

  • Eighth, destroy the new crystal with “Seven Suns of Cinnibus” and congratulations, you have completed the challenge.

See below for the visual guide and walkthrough on YouTube.