Featured image of post Midnight Suns Hunter Challenge Guide - Child of Darkness

Midnight Suns Hunter Challenge Guide - Child of Darkness

A visual and written guide for the Hunter's Midnight Suns Challenge - Child of Darkness

In The Hunter’s challenge you are tasked with destroying the crystal on the far end of the map to acquire the “Bladestorm” card. With a starting hand of 4 “Charge” cards, Hunter’s only capacity for damage comes from knockback meaning you will need to use a specific sequence of events to place yourself strategically on the map while acquiring the extra cards along the way. On the map will be 3 “Whispers of Memory,” 2 of which are holding extra “Charge” and “Whip” cards upon a successful K.O… Redraws and Moves are disabled for this challenge.

The Hunter is your essential Jack of All Trades, they can fulfil any role within any team with ease. To facilitate this, The Hunter has the widest variety of cards to build a deck from. Regardless of your alignment and chosen passive ability, you can create a deck of Light, Dark and Power cards to play Support, Damage Dealer, Tank, Enfeebler, or anything in between that matches your playstyle and team needs.

To complete this challenge, you will need to essentially bully a single Whisper of Memory towards the Crystal with knockback. The idea here is to use up all your Charge cards first and save the Whip for when you have nothing else in your hand as this card forces you to discard from your hand to play (and you need every one).


  • First, push the whisper of memory to your left that is not holding a card with “Charge” towards the one behind them (Avoid the walls, you do not want to K.O. yet).

  • Second, take out the furthest enemy with a “Charge” knockback against the wall behind them, this will give you a new “Charge” card and position you perfectly for the next play.

  • Third, once again use “Charge” to push our target through the narrow passage between the two rock formations on your left (Avoid the walls.)

  • Fourth, take out the enemy holding the “Whip” card with another knockback against the wall.

  • Fifth, use the last “Charge” and “Whip” card to keep pushing our target into the crystal at the end of the map.

  • Lastly, use your new “Bladestorm” card to destroy the newly formed crystal and complete the challenge. Well done!

See below for the visual guide and walkthrough on YouTube.