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Midnight Suns Hulk Challenge Guide - Monster or Man?

A visual and written guide for Hulk's Midnight Suns Challenge – Monster or Man?

Hulk’s challenge is easily the most difficult of the bunch and is likely where players will struggle due to an issue that automatically fails the challenge despite fulfilling its conditions. Even if you manage to reach maximum Rage as the challenge states, if you play the cards out of a specific order the challenge will still fail.

The challenge asks you to reach maximum Rage to unlock the “Worldbreaker” card and use it to defeat all 5 Whispers of Memory. Starting with a hand of “Let’s Do This,” “Crush,” 2 “Smash,” and 2 “Gamma Kick” and one Whisper of Memory holding the “Rampage” card, Hulk needs to set up the battlefield for “Let’s Do This” to do its job effectively. Redraws and Moves are disabled.

Hulk is Hulk, the ultimate powerhouse and tank of the cast. With a bevy of cards that Taunt, attack multiple targets, and Stun at the same time as boosting his Rage, Hulk can control the battlefield with ease. With every attack he takes, Hulk’s Rage meter will build and increase his power further, he can also spend it to recover HP and heighten his maximum Rage count for even more benefits making him one of the most self-sufficient characters on the roster.

As stated above, the challenge does not want you to take out the Whispers of Memory straight away but instead wants you to Taunt them into attacking to fill Hulk’s Rage meter to its maximum to unlock the “Worldbreaker” card.


  • First, “Gamma Kick” the Whisper of Memory directly in front of you holding the “Rampage” card and knockback into the wall behind for some damage.

  • Second, follow up on the same target with “Smash” and “Crush” in that order, thanks to the Stun effect from “Smash” “Crush” will increase in power and be enough to K.O. the Whisper of Memory and gain the “Rampage” card.

  • Third, “Gamma Kick” again on the lone target to your right to Taunt.

  • Fourth, with “Rampage” target all three Whispers opposite to Taunt them also.

  • Fifth, with everyone now Taunted use “Let’s Do This” to goad each enemy to attack Hulk and build his Rage meter.

  • Sixth, with one last pip on the Rage meter to go play the “Smash” card on any of the Whispers around you and earn the “Worldbreaker” card.

  • Seventh, play “Worldbreaker” and defeat all enemies. Congratulations, you have completed the challenge.

See below for the visual guide and walkthrough on YouTube.