Featured image of post Midnight Suns Iron Will Challenge Guide - Iron Will

Midnight Suns Iron Will Challenge Guide - Iron Will

A visual and written guide for Iron Man's Midnight Suns Challenge – Iron Will

Iron Man’s challenge has one of the more seemingly straightforward conditions; destroy the Crystal to acquire the “Hellfire Beam” card. With no Whispers of Memory to contend with, your full focus can go into how to play the humungous hand of 2 “Blast,” 2 “New Plan,” “Heads Up,” “Precision,” and “Surgical Strike” to its maximum potential. Unlike the other challenges, a Redraw is allowed but Moves are still disabled.

Iron Man much like his personality is all about economy and development and is one of my favourite characters to use. His cards strongly feature traits like extra redraws, extra cards and free plays which compliment his attack cards that grow stronger when more of his cards are in your hand or when redrawn. With some degree of luck on your side, Iron Man can clear the battlefield incredibly quickly before anything can become an issue.

The trick in this challenge is to keep your hand as full as possible to benefit from “Surgical Strike” and its high multi-hit potential whilst building your heroism to play it.


  • First, “New Plan” is a red herring, immediately Redraw one of them to gain “Leave it to Me.” This card will be integral to the challenge.

  • Second, use “Heads Up” simply to gain enough Heroism to play “Precision.”

  • Third, with “Precision” in effect you can now you play “Leave it to Me” twice to gain 3 extra cards.

  • Fourth, you should now have 2 “Surgical Strike” cards in your hand, play one of them and unload the full chain of 8 (One hit for each card in your hand) on the Crystal.

  • Fifth, give your Heroism another bump with the “Heads Up” you drew from “Leave it to Me” earlier and follow up with the other “Surgical Strike” and unload the 6-hit chain on the Crystal.

  • Sixth, use the remaining “Blast” cards to finish off the crystal to earn the “Hellfire Beam” card.

  • Last, use “Hellfire Beam” on the new Crystal and congratulations, you have completed the challenge.

See below for the visual guide and walkthrough on YouTube.