Featured image of post Midnight Suns Captain America Challenge Guide - Guardian

Midnight Suns Captain America Challenge Guide - Guardian

A visual and written guide for Captain America's Midnight Suns Challenge – Guardian

In Captain America’s challenge, you are tasked with defeating the “Incarnation of Memory” to acquire the “Shield Charge” card. Starting with only 2 “Punch” cards and a “Shield Bounce” you can’t go wrong with your card choices, just who you target and when. On the map will be 5 “Whispers of Memory,” 3 of which are holding “The Best Defense,” “Tactician,” and “Shield Bash” cards. As always Redraws and Moves are disabled for this challenge.

Captain America is not a damage dealer; his playstyle is all about building Block while taking as much of the attention away from his teammates as possible with Taunts. Much like the challenges namesake, Captain America is a guardian and he excels at it. Whenever safe he can also spend a portion of his Block value to deal additional damage with his cards. (Which is what we will be looking to do.)

To complete this challenge you will need to focus on building your Block to its maximum value in as little plays as possible whilst collecting the extra cards from the Whispers of Memory in the process.


  • First, Punch the “Whisper of Memory” holding the “The Best Defence” card and knockback into the wall for a K.O.

  • Second, buff yourself with “The Best Defence” and use “Shield Bounce” to target the three Whispers of Memory that are furthest to left. This will give you 36 to your Block and a “Tactician” card.

  • Third, use your last “Punch” card to knockback and take out the remaining Whisper of Memory netting you another 10 to Block and a “Shield Bash” card.

  • Fourth, use “Tactician” to max out your Block and draw 2 extra cards; “Punch” and “Shield Bash.”

  • Fifth, bully the Incarnation of Memory with “Punch” and the two “Shield Bash” cards until it goes down and gives you “Shield Charge.”

  • Finally, use your new “Shield Charge” on the crystal and expend all the Block you have built up and complete the challenge. Well done!

See below for the visual guide and walkthrough on YouTube.