Featured image of post Midnight Suns Wolverine Challenge Guide - Bone & Claw

Midnight Suns Wolverine Challenge Guide - Bone & Claw

A visual and written guide for Wolverine's Midnight Suns Challenge – Bone & Claw

Wolverine’s challenge asks you to defeat the Whispers of Memory and acquire the “Midnight Special” card. With 4 Whispers on the map with none of them holding cards, you need to make the most of your large hand consisting of “Chain Swipe,” “Eviscerate,” “Lethal Pounce,” “Stink of Fear,” “Let’s Do This,” and 2 “Power Slash.” Redraws and Moves are disabled for this challenge.

Wolverine is easily the most self-sufficient and multi-faceted character on the roster. With an array of buffs, debuffs, chain strikes, recovery, taunts, and potential for high damage, Wolverine fits any team and every role with ease. He is also the only character than can resuscitate himself from a K.O. without using a team revive card (Especially handy for the Ultimate III difficulty.)

To complete this challenge successfully you will need to buff Wolverine with Strengthen and Counter whilst applying Taunt and Vulnerable on as many of the Whispers as you can – making sure that you keep an even spread of damage across the 4 enemies. This is one of the few challenges that wants you to take damage as the cards themselves are not enough to K.O… It is going to be difficult explaining the steps to this challenge so follow along with the video guide below if you need.


  • First, use “Lethal Pounce” a target the full chain on the first Whisper to your left to gain Strengthened.

  • Second, with “Stink of Fear” target both Whispers on the right to Taunt and buff yourself with Counter.

  • Third, “Power Slash” both Whispers on the right and control the knockback into the wall to add some extra damage and apply the Vulnerable debuff.

  • Fourth, (this is where it gets tricky to explain.) Return to the group opposite you and use “Chain Swipes” to target 1 strike on the Whisper you attacked with “Lethal Pounce” and 2 strikes on the other. You should now have applied Taunt on every enemy.

  • Fifth, “Eviscerate” that same group and split the hit chain evenly across them – 2 and 2

  • Sixth, all that is left is to play “Let’s Do This” and watch as the Whispers fall to your Counter.

  • Lastly, you should now have the “Midnight Special” card. A crystal will appear, break it with “Midnight Special” and congratulations, you have completed the challenge.

See below for the visual guide and walkthrough on YouTube.