Featured image of post Midnight Suns Storm Challenge Guide - Make It Rain

Midnight Suns Storm Challenge Guide - Make It Rain

A visual and written guide for Storm’s Midnight Suns Challenge – Make It Rain

Storm’s challenge asks you to defeat the Whispers of Memory to acquire the “Hellstorm” card and destroy the Dark Crystal. With a starting a hand of “Stormshield,” “Gale Force,” and 2 “Arc” cards, you need to buff as many of her cards as possible with their “Next Turn” bonuses. Thanks to “Stormshield” you will also start with a Resist buff. On the map are 5 Whispers buffed with Frenzy, 3 of which are holding the “Vortex,” “Goddess’ Blessing,” and “Arc” cards. There are also 2 Environmental Hazards to the left and right. Redraws and Moves are disabled for this challenge.

Midnight Suns is going out with a bang for this final DLC character! Storm much like her namesake is a force to be reckoned with, her Passive Ability “Rising Storm” adds a chance of Stun to her attack and heroic cards which upgrades to include a 5% bonus for each of her cards in your hand. While this does not sound very exciting on its own, it is worth remembering characters like Hulk who gain massive damage bonuses against stunned opponents.

Storm’s playstyle rewards patience and strategic minds. Storm can simultaneously support her allies and increase her own power without teammate intervention beyond rival! Unique to Storm, her cards come with the incredibly powerful “Next Turn” feature that increases the effectiveness and power of her cards if kept out of play until the next turn or charged up with “Goddess’ Blessing.” Many of her cards include optimal bonuses like “Stormshield” that gives her 1 Resist per turn for as long as it remains in your hand or, when played can also gift allies with 2 Resist and 1 Counter once upgraded. “Live Wire” with its lack of damage and stun seems underwhelming at first glance but once upgraded applies a significant damage boost to all her cards if kept in your hand, the same goes for “Overload” which feels too situational to be considered useful with its need for electrical conduits but when you look at the Strengthened on Redraw effect it suddenly demands respect – giving her even more destructive power. Storm has it all!

To complete this challenge, you will need to cancel out the Frenzy effect with Stun and use “Goddess’ Blessing” to increase the effectiveness of Storm’s cards and finally control knockback and enemy placement.


  • First, use “Gale Force” to push the closest Whisper of Memory into the one behind holding the “Goddess’ Blessing” card and K.O. them.

  • Second, play “Goddess’ Blessing” to buff your 2 “Arc” cards with extra chain strikes and acquire the “Live Wire” card.

  • Third, Stun the Whisper of Memory holding the “Vortex” card with “Live Wire” to stop his Frenzy buff from reacting.

  • Fourth, with either of your “Arc” cards, assign 2 of the 3 strikes to the Whisper holding the “Arc” card and the final strike on the one holding “Vortex.”

  • Fifth, with your final 2 “Arc” cards, let loose on the Whisper holding the “Vortex” card and K.O. them.

  • Sixth, both Whispers behind will now automatically attack with Frenzy but your Resist from the start of the challenge will cancel the damage from one of them and keep you alive. It also places them perfectly in front of the Environmental Hazards.

  • Seventh, using “Vortex” control the knockback simultaneously for both Whispers to K.O. with the Environmental Hazards and acquire the “Hellstorm” card.

  • Lastly, the Dark Crystal will appear, use “Hellstorm” to destroy it and congratulations you have completed the challenge.

See below for the visual guide and walkthrough on YouTube.