Featured image of post Midnight Suns Ghost Rider Challenge Guide - Dark Heart

Midnight Suns Ghost Rider Challenge Guide - Dark Heart

A visual and written guide for Ghost Rider's Midnight Suns Challenge – Dark Heart

Ghost Rider’s challenge is relatively simple in comparison to the others, it asks you to defeat the Whispers of Memory to acquire the “Penance Stare” card. Starting with a hand consisting of 2 “Lash,” “Retribution,” and a “Judgment” card, you have plenty of options for damage. On the map is 4 Whispers of Memory in front and an Incarnation of Memory behind, none of which are holding any cards so you need to be mindful of the cards you play and when. Redraws and Moves are disabled for this challenge.

Ghost Rider is high-risk, high-reward Berserker, most of his cards trade a portion health or sacrifices those in your hand to either deal damage or strengthen his offensive power while the rest are utility focused like “Hellmouth” that creates a Drop with a higher instant K.O. success. To compensate for Ghost Rider’s card costs, his special Souls trait increases his maximum health with each kill milestone and can use “Drain Soul” to restore his HP and keep piling on the damage.

To complete this challenge, you will need to group up as many of the Whispers of Memory as possible to capitalise on the “Judgment” cards high-damage area of effect and refill your health with “Soul Drain” to keep damage going.


  • First, use “Lash” to bring the left most Whisper into the centre making sure to force a collision with the one in the middle and chip some damage from them.

  • Second, use “Lash” again on the second Whisper to your left and control the knockback towards the same middle target for a K.O.

  • Third, now play “Judgment” on the group in the middle to take them both out in one shot.

  • Fourth, with only one Whisper left and one card to play, use “Retribution” and push against the wall for a K.O. With every Whisper taken out you will get the “Penance Stare” card plus, a “Drain Soul” from filling the Souls bar.

  • Fifth, refill some of your health using “Drain Soul” on the Incarnation of Memory which will in turn increase the power of “Penance Stare.”

  • And finally, “Penance Stare” the Incarnation of Memory and congratulations you have completed the challenge.

See below for the visual guide and walkthrough on YouTube.