Featured image of post Midnight Suns Scarlet Witch Challenge Guide - Witch's Trial

Midnight Suns Scarlet Witch Challenge Guide - Witch's Trial

A visual and written guide for Scarlet Witch's Midnight Suns Challenge – Witch's Trial

Scarlet Witch’s trial asks you to defeat all 4 Whispers of Memory to acquire the “No More” card and use it to defeat the Incarnation of Memory. Her starting hand consists of 2 “Quick Toss+,” “Hex Bolt,” and 2 “Hex Field” while 2 Whispers of Memory hold extra “Hex Bolt” cards for the taking. Redraws and Moves are disabled for this challenge.

Scarlet Witch is best described as a debuffer and disrupter, she specialises in Area of Effect (A.O.E.) abilities and riddling the enemy with various effects but struggles to deal a lot of damage like the rest of the cast because of it. Best paired with characters like Magik who can control enemy placement, she can use “Chaos Reigns” to make enemies fight each other within a wide range (Compensating for her low damage output) while also buffing her teammates with “Resist” and health restoration with “Chaos Field.”

The trick to this challenge is pulling every enemy within range of her “Hex Field” to chip away at the enemy’s health evenly enough to create a systematic ladder of K.O.’s for “Hex Bolt” to increase its hit chain.


  • First, using both of the “Quick Toss+” cards, pull the outer Whispers of Memory towards Scarlet Witch to form a circle around her.

  • Second, use both “Hex Field” cards to chip away at everyone’s health.

  • Third, play “Hex Bolt” and target the Whisper in the bottom left holding an extra “Hex Bolt” card (The one with 5 health left) and acquire it on K.O.

  • Fourth, “Hex Bolt” increases its hit chain each time it is played and will now hit 2 targets. So again, play “Hex Bolt” and target both of its charges on the Whisper holding the last “Hex Bolt” card.

  • Fifth, with your last “Hex Bolt” and it’s now 3 hit chain, target the last Whispers making sure to use 1 charge on the one to the bottom right and 2 for the other to K.O. them both.

  • Sixth, With the “No More” card in your hand, play it to defeat the Incarnation of Memory. Congratulations, you have completed the challenge.

See below for the visual guide and walkthrough on YouTube.