Featured image of post Midnight Suns Captain Marvel Challenge Guide - Hero's Heart

Midnight Suns Captain Marvel Challenge Guide - Hero's Heart

A visual and written guide for Captain Marvel's Midnight Suns Challenge – Hero's Heart

In Captain Marvel’s challenge you are tasked with destroying the crystal to acquire the “Supernova” card. Starting with a whopping 6 cards consisting of “Cosmic Ray,” “Fists of Radiance,” “Rain of Blows,” “Quick Jab,” “Knee Strike,” and “One Step Ahead” and with only one Whisper of Memory holding the “All In” card standing in your way, you will need to make the most of her cards to deal enough damage to break the high HP crystal. Redraws and Moves are disabled for this challenge.

Captain Marvel plays somewhat similarly to Captain America with one unique difference – the “Binary” buff. After playing 3 of her cards, Captain Marvel will draw a free “Go Binary” card which increases her damage, adds Block and extra properties to her cards like knockback and counter, if her Block value reaches zero however the “Binary” buff is lost. Her optimal playstyle is a hybrid between tank and damage dealer – her cards specialise in building Block and taking attention away from her teammates with Taunt.

To complete this challenge, you will need to use “Go Binary,” “Knee Strike,” and “Regroup” to fill your Block as high as possible and trade it in for extra offensive power.


  • First, start off strong by using “Cosmic Ray” with its buffed damage due to already being targeted by the Whisper of Memory and deal 12 damage.

  • Second, “Quick Jab” the Whisper of Memory and whittle down his health pool some more.

  • Third, is “Fists of Radiance” and control the knockback towards the crystal to chip some of that high HP away.

  • Fourth, “Go Binary” to increase all further damage and earn some Block.

  • Fifth, “Knee Strike” the Whisper of Memory to finish it off and earn some extra Block and grab that “All In” card.

  • Sixth, grab some more cards with “One Step Ahead” and then use “Regroup” for even more Block.

  • Seventh, this is where all that Block comes into effect. Use “All In” to increase your attack power in proportion to the amount of Block you have.

  • Eighth, with the extra offensive power you will be able to finish off the crystal with “Fists of Radiance” and “Rain of Blows” in that order and earn the “Supernova” card.

  • Last, destroy the new crystal with the “Supernova” and congratulations, you have completed the challenge.

See below for the visual guide and walkthrough on YouTube.