Featured image of post Midnight Suns Nico Challenge Guide - Black Shadows

Midnight Suns Nico Challenge Guide - Black Shadows

A visual and written guide for Nico's Midnight Suns Challenge – Black Shadows

Nico’s challenge asks you to destroy the Whispers of Memory to acquire the “Crack the Sky” card. Starting with a large hand of “Witchfire,” “Blood Magic,” “Double Up,” “Empower,” and “Witchstorm,” Nico has plenty of options to deal damage but only when she has enough Heroism to do it. On the map will be 4 Whisper of Memory placed either side of you in groups of 2. Unlike most of the other challenges, 2 Redraws are allowed but Moves are still disabled. Nico’s challenge is somewhat situational and dependant on the enemies being placed the way are and as such does not translate well into real battle let alone the random nature of her skills and targeting.

Nico is a Wild Mage in every sense of the word, her powers are a slew of random effects, attack power and chain targeting that can either be incredibly useful or extremely detrimental. She can also create copies of cards in your hand and reduce their Heroism costs to zero. If you like characters that gamble with the effectiveness of their powers then Nico is the one for you. She is a struggle to find characters that she can synergise with however, Doctor Strange is the best option as his cards benefit from higher Heroism and Nico can reduce those costs.

Success relies you on redrawing the redundant cards in your hand and splitting the damage as evenly as possible across the 4 enemy Whispers.


  • First, start by using a Redraw on “Blood Magic” and “Empower,” you should receive a new “Double Up” and a “Blood Magic” with the Strengthened buff.

  • Second, with the Redraws out of the way use, “Blood Magic” to increase your power and both “Double Up’s” to create copies of your damage cards.

  • Third, with both “Witchstorm” cards target the Whispers in groups of 2; The left side and the right. This will split the damage evenly.

  • Fourth, now use both “Witchfire” cards to K.O. all 4 enemies in its randomised fashion and acquire the “Crack the Sky” card.

  • Fifth, attack the newly apparated Crystal with your “Crack the Sky” and congratulations, you have completed the challenge.

See below for the visual guide and walkthrough on YouTube.