Sesame Street is invading the Xbox 360 this September
Microsoft are bringing Sesame Street back to the UK with Kinect Sesame Street TV a new 2-way TV experience that allows children to 'jump' into the classic show, engage, interact and learn thanks to the Xbox 360 and Kinect. more »
Discover the world of Molydeux in Little Miss Left Behind
If you aren’t into games development then the recent MolyDeux Game Jam may have escaped you, with just over 300 games created the games created were fantastic, and some even went the extra mile like Little Miss Left Behind created for Kinect. more »
Feel the force in our review of Kinect Star Wars
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, back when you used to wield anything and call it a lightsaber, your time is here, put down your controller, and clasp your hands around that lightsaber handle you've been wielding since you first saw Star Wars. more »
Kinect Rush review: A very enjoyable Pixar adventure
Kinect officially came out about a year and a half ago now and we've had a whole host of games released; some good, some bad and some a little bit inbetween. One of the best draws for Kinect is of course to get children playing more games on Microsoft's… more »
Diabolical Pitch is dated!
Yes its the game that you all bought Kinect for! Ok, well you might have bought Kinect for it; Suda 51's first forary on the peripheral is the baseball centered pitch-em-up Diabolical Pitch, and its been dated! more »
Following from the release of the child-friendly Sesame Street Kinect title Once Upon a Monster, the Happy Action Theatre takes child-friendly gaming to the next level! Less of a game and more of an experience more »
Haunt is a haunted house adventure game developed by NanaOn-Sha and Zoë Mode, and published by Microsoft Studios. It is exclusive for Xbox 360 and requires Kinect, and it's available now! more »
Leedmees is a bit of an unknown Kinect arcade title, hidden away at E3 and similarly at Gamescom, it came out almost without a soul really knowing about its existence, but I was extremely excited when I found out its release was imminent. Having only be… more »
Ready to play the next level in dance-gaming? The demo for the soon to be released Dance Central 2 is out now, so have a go at simultaneous multiplayer, Dance Battle featuring the Free 4 All minigame, as well as voice commands! more »
Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster is available now for Xbox 360 with Kinect. If you have not been won over by this charming specimen of a game, try out the demo on the Xbox Live Marketplace for free. more »
Child of Eden was originally announced back at E3 in 2010 at Ubisoft's press conference, now a year later Tetsuya Mizuguchi's new delve into gaming synesthesia is available on Xbox 360 and it comes very close to being the perfect successor to Rez. Visua… more »
There were a few Kinect games at E3 but none of them really jumped out as being as amazingly fun as Leedmees did, perhaps with the exception of Once Upon a Monster. Of course you could argue that it's quite similar to Lemmings, however with the… more »
Well we all knew it was going to happen eventually, party games are truly invading Microsoft’s Kinect peripheral with Twister Mania, and the previously released Hole in the Wall, with many more to come. Twister Mania re-imagines the classic Hasbro pa… more »
At Comic-Con Microsoft and LucasArts announced a new limited edition Xbox 360 Slim console to join the ranks of the Halo Reach and Gears of War 3 consoles. So Star Wars collectors, fans and soon to be new owners of Xbox 360s only need to wait until what… more »
If you love your Kinect, then you’ll be pleased to know that this September you can buy two games for your shiny peripheral for £29.99! When you buy Twisted Pixel latest release; The Gunstringer then you will also receive a code for the full download of… more »
One great game that has perhaps been a little unrecognised with the foray of huge announcements from the likes of Halo 4 or FarCry 3 is a lovely little XBLA Kinect title called Leedmees which was announced at the show. When playing or seeing Leedmees… more »
Majesco Entertainment and Wrestling Superstar and global sensation Hulk Hogan have announced Hulk Hogan’s Main Event a new game exclusively for Xbox Kinect that is expected to release this fall. Developed by Panic Button, Hulk Hogan’s Main Event is a… more »
Microsoft have officially announced a new add on for their title Kinect Sports called Calorie Challenge. The add on features a new mode for you to get jumping around with that has you pitched up against your everyday calorific rivals such as Peppy… more »
Microsoft have confirmed that sales of their Kinect peripheral have now passed the 10 million mark worldwide, with an addition of over 10 million Kinect exclusive games also shifted since launch. According to Guinness World Records this means Kinect is… more »
Microsoft have officially announced that they are set to release a non-commercial Kinect SDK that to encourage people to make use of Kinect with Windows based software development. Launching late this spring, it will give academics, students, enthusi… more »
Blitz Games and THQ have teamed up once again to bring The Biggest Loser Ultimate Workout over to the Xbox 360 and turn it into a Kinect title. Allowing for a more well-rounded experience that of course requires you to actually exercise instead of fake it when you don’t feel like moving about anymore. more »
MTV Games and Harmonix along with Microsoft have finally released the complete track list for the upcoming Kinect title Dance Central, the most well known for the game so far of course being No Doubt's "Hella Good" and Lipps Inc's "Funky Town". Dance… more »