Check out the beautiful Morphopolis
Micro Macro; a small team based in Leamington Spa a few days ago launched a public alpha of their beautiful, upcoming point and click adventure game; Morphopolis… more »
Halo: Spartan Assault announced
Halo 5? Not quite but we've got word on a new Halo game coming out for Windows and Windows Phone, Halo: Spartan Assault. Available next month, Spartan Assault brings Halo's amazing story-telling, graphics and audio to touch-enabled devices for the firs… more »
Angry Birds and Star Wars join forces
Rovio and Lucasfilm have collaborated together to bring a new version of the hugely popular Angry Birds, this time it is set in the hugely popular universe of Star Wars. Collaborating together they're combining the two universes together to create their… more »
Mush is coming soon to Xbox Live on Windows Phone!
Sadly most Windows Phone games appear on the marketplace without prior notice, however one game we've been keeping our eyes on since it was created is Mush. Since it's original creation Mush has won multiple awards, including a BAFTA. Mush is an up a… more »
Experience War of the Roses' exhilarating gameplay
One Paradox Interactive title that positively fell under our radar was a little game called War of the Roses. Well this is not just another strategy title, in fact, think Call of Duty meets Joan of Arc. more »
The third and final chapter in Adam’s Venture has been officially confirmed for a release by the end of March 2012. Adam’s Venture 3: Revelations follows the story arch of Adam, Evelyn and the Clairvaux Corporation comes to a shocking conclusion. more »
One extremely cute addition to the recent surge of great Xbox Live Arcade titles is ilomilo, the newest game developed by the small Swedish studio Southend Interactive, a studio who I’ve always wondered if they named themselves after Southend-on-Sea.… more »
OMG: Our Manic Game, developed by Arkedo Studio was one of the launch titles for Windows Phone 7. At first glance it looks like a bog standard shmup, similar to some of the Space Invader reboots over the years, only mixed with the awesome bright neon gr… more »
Microsoft today announced the list of Xbox Live-enabled launch titles for the upcoming Windows Phone 7 launch later this year. For those not in the know Windows Phone 7 offers integrated Xbox Live support, sign-in with your Live ID and your avatar… more »