Deponia coming to PSN!
Daedalic Entertainment have announced their next step in adventure game domination! The award winning Deponia will be making its debut on console more »
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f is now available for Playstation Vita
Fan of Hatsune Miku? Or perhaps never heard of her? Are you maybe a fan of rhythm action games… more »
Adam's Venture Chronicles announced for PSN
Today Vertigo Games and Playlogic have announced a partnership to announce Adam’s Venture Chronicles exclusively on the Playstation Network… more »
Looking for a new PS4 game, what about Basement Crawl?
Looking for a new PS4 game for 2014, well if you like old classics like Spy vs. Spy and Bomberman, then there may be a game coming very soon that's right up your alley! more »
Die bloodsucker in our review of Blood Knights
Everyone knows that the bloody Crusades were all about wiping vampires from the face of the earth... wait this sounds a lot like a film I've seen, surprisingly enough it's actually part of the setting of a new hack'n'slash action RPG Blood Knights more »
Put away the books in our review of Final Exam
For those that are unaware, Final Exam is somewhat of spinoff or reboot of the cult survival horror series Obscure, except its not a survival horror, and its not set in a school, so in fact it couldn't be any further from the original series. more »
Sink your teeth into Final Exam with the demo!
Final Exam the frenzied action-packed 2.5D sidescroller now has a demo available on all platforms. But this is not merely a run-of-the-mill demo! more »
Get ready for the Final Exam, it's out now!
Focus Home Interactive have unveiled the launch trailer for their frenzied 2.5D sidescroller Final Exam from developers Mighty Rocket Studios that is out now on PC with a release following this week. more »
Go backstage with Compulsion games on Contrast
Compulsion Games the developers behind the enchanting puzzle platformer Contrast have released a new Backstage video. more »
Discover the Cthulhu Mythos in a dark futuristic world with Magrunner Dark Pulse on consoles now
Magrunner Dark Pulse the devilishly challenging first-person puzzler from Frogwares Studio is now out on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, and to celebrate, the developers have released a launch trailer for the console version. more »
Pre-order Contrast after falling in love with the soundtrack
The developers at Compulsion Games behind the beautiful puzzle platformer have released a brand new trailer to captivate viewers with its original soundtrack performed by jazz singer Laura Ellis. more »
Check out the beautiful new trailer for rain
One of the most beautiful and ridiculously heart-wrenching games we had the pleasure of checking out at E3 this year was PlayStation C.A.M.P's rain, check out the new TGS trailer. more »
Get an overview of Final Exam in the new trailer
It may have had a little setback in its launch, but Final Exam is almost ready to be taken on; and the developers at Mighty Rocket Studio have just released a new trailer showing off a little more of the game. more »
Only a week to go til the release of Farming Simulator on console!
There’s only a week to go until the release of Farming Simulator! That’s right, get ready to start your engines, because the phenomena that is Farming Simulator is about to hit consoles so soon you can almost smell the fertilizer! more »
Castle of Illusion Staring Mickey Mouse will be out in September
After the recent release of DuckTales Remastered, the other great game from a similar time has had its release date announced … more »
Come on over to the PC in our review of Joe Danger and Joe Danger: The Movie
It's the world's most determined stuntman, Joe Danger, finally the game that many have yearned for on the PC has hit the platform, but the burning question, is, is it the PC conversion you were hoping for? more »
Meet Didi in Contrast's new trailer
Contrast; the upcoming game from Compulsion Games and our favourite platformer at E3 this year… more »
Dusty pipes and the fight for water in our review of Mars War Logs
Mars used to be about the chance of a new life, but now it’s just dry, arid and very very dusty, those that moved to the planet with a glint of hope now struggle to survive more »
Guacamelee! has come to Steam with the Gold Edition
PC Gamers are always winners, eventually we get our way, and so true is the case for the brilliantly colourful Guacamelee! DrinkBox Studios' award-winning ac… more »
Create the next President with the Saints Row IV: Inauguration Station
Deep Silver and Volition have announced the release of their character creator tool for Saints Row IV: The Inauguration Station alongside an election campaign. more »
Enjoy the original game soundtrack of Mars War Logs for free
Fans of Mars War Logs are in for a treat, as Spiders studios have released the original game soundtrack online that is available to download for free! more »
Mars War Logs is finally out on the Xbox Live Arcade
After seeing a release back in April, the console version of Spiders Studios' Mars War Logs is finally seeing a release, and is available on the Xbox Live Arcade right this second! more »