Child of Light headed to PlayStation Vita this Summer
Its suffice to say that Ubisoft's Child of Light was yet another beautiful game to be produced with the Ubiart framework created for the bright and colourful Rayman reboots. more »
Find a true challenge in our review of A-Men 2
There's a lot of games out there that like to show off just how tough the are, the developers at Bloober Team tasked gamers with the seemingly easy challenge more »
Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f is now available for Playstation Vita
Fan of Hatsune Miku? Or perhaps never heard of her? Are you maybe a fan of rhythm action games… more »
They're coming... PvZ crawls to Pinball FX2
Console fans won't be interested in this news as they've been basking in the Plants vs. Zombies pinball playfield in Zen Pinball 2 for some time now, but finally it is time for PC pinball fans to get their hands on the table. more »
Join the A-Men in their new bundle pack!
Bloober Team the studio behind the addictively challenging A-Men games has announced the release of the A-Men bundle featuring both of the tactical strategies. more »
Would you like to win a PlayStation 4? Or maybe a PlayStation Vita?
Well Bloober Team have teamed up with PSN Profiles to give away some prizes to the fastest gamers that can 100% their new game A-Men 2 before everyone else does… more »
Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse dated and split in two
It’s taken a while but Revolution Software have finally confirmed the release date of the upcoming Broken Sword 5: The Serpent’s Curse… more »
Yakuza: Ishin announced for the PS4, PS3 and vita crossplay!
Yet another fantastic game for the Playstation 4 was announced today with the newest game in the Yakuza series; Ishin. more »
Sony announce the PS Vita 2000 and PS Vita TV!
As if the PS4 wasn't enough, today in Tokyo Sony announced two new pieces of hardware entering the Sony ecosystem. more »
Guacamelee! has come to Steam with the Gold Edition
PC Gamers are always winners, eventually we get our way, and so true is the case for the brilliantly colourful Guacamelee! DrinkBox Studios' award-winning ac… more »
KickBeat now has a release date!
One game that I tried out at last year's E3 in 2012 was KickBeat which having now been in development by Zen Studios for almost 3 years, will be seeing the light of day in a very short amount of time. Previously KickBeat was only going to be released… more »
Would you like to be a Mudokon?
Did the word Mudokon catch your eye? Are you a massive fan of the Oddworld series? Well if you are at they’re hosting a pretty cool opportunity over the coming week… more »
E3 2013: Oddworld New 'n' Tasty preview!
A lovely surprise at the Sony Conference this year was the announcement that Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty would be gracing the Playstation 4 with its glorious presence. more »
E3 2013: The Walking Dead 400 Days preview
Telltale's The Walking Dead has helped propel the beloved adventure game genre to the limelight, so we had to check out their latest DLC 400 Days. more »
Tearaway's release date has been announced
Tearaway is Media Molecule's upcoming Playstation Vita exclusive and it's been given a release date plus they've unveiled their super cute reversible-box art too! The box art is not only super cute but allows you to choose which of the two main… more »
Guacamelee! has a release date!
The day you have been waiting for has arrived! Guacamelee! The upcoming game from DrinkBox Studios has been given a release date!… more »
Thomas Was Alone is coming to even more platforms
Yup you heard it right, the hit indie title of last summer Thomas Was alone is making it's way to the big boys this spring as it's heading over to Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita… more »
The terrifying Obscure is back and more brutal than ever before!
Believe it or not the beloved Obscure franchise is back, yes that awkward slasher-esque teen survival horror that I for one loved to pieces it making a return. more »
Frozen Synapse: Tactics coming to Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita
After recently announcing their digital publishing branch, D11 Games, Double Elven have revealed that they are working with Mode 7 on a console version of Frozen Synapse. more »
Velocity Ultra is making it's way to a Vita near you!
Following up for the PSP Minis hit Velocity, developers FuturLab have revealed their next game which is a native Playstation Vita version of Velocity. Velocity Ultra can be described as a director's cut of Velocity, featuring a completely overhauled art… more »
Jet Set Radio review: Sweet Soul Brothers
It feels very weird that it's 2012 and I'm writing up a review for Jet Set Radio as of course it graced the Dreamcast just under 12 years ago… more »
Playstation Vita update v1.80 is exciting!
Tomorrow is potentially one of the best days for Playstation Vita owners in the United Kingdom as the new System Software Update v1.80 is officially being released tomorrow. more »