Bethesda have now officially announced something that we mentioned on this week’s episode of the podcast, and that is a confirmation of Prey 2 being in development. Prey 2 is once again being created by Human Head Studios and is taking advantage… more »
If you’re krazy about Mortal Kombat then you’ll be thrilled to know that Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have announced that they are seeking out the nation’s first klass Mortal Kombat player that will fight a battle to the death at the UK’s largest consumer electronics event, The Gadget Show Live, at the NEC in Birmingham. more »
It's official one of my most hyped games of this year is getting a full English translation and release in the North America thanks to those at Atlus, and the game in question is Catherine. Catherine is Atlus' newest title from the Persona team whi… more »
Have you finished Dead Space 2 and are left wanting more? Well don't fret because the first piece of DLC finally has a release date. Visceral Games and Electronic Arts have announced that Severed, the first single player DLC for Dead Space 2, w… more »
Now that surely everyone has seen the new announcement trailer for Dead Island, Deep Silver have unveiled a little information on the game that first saw the light of day back in 2007 at GDC. The game has literally come on leaps and bounds since then,… more »
Stacking is a brilliant example of the niche avenues you can take with condensed downloadable titles, there is no other game like Stacking and there probably never will be, Double Fine’s foray into the downloadable scene definitely seems to have paid off with this charming and witty spectacle of a game. more »
2K Games have announced that The Darkness II is in development at Digital Extremes; the developers of Dark Sector. We're slightly worried that Starbreeze are not on the case after being absolutely smitten with had been achieved in the original. Its b… more »
The incredibly beautiful and new arcade title Stacking is now available on Xbox Live Arcade and through the Playstation Network... seriously what are you waiting for? Stop reading this and go buy it now! more »
If you are like us and love open world action orientated RPG's such as Shenmue, Yakuza and Deadly Premonition then you will be chuffed to hear that there will be a new Yakuza 4 demo available soon! Sega Europe and Sega America have announced that t… more »
The last time we saw engineer Isaac Clarke, we were witnessing him enduring his own personal madness, whilst battling through a mass of Necromorphs on the USG Ishimura. Players of the original were sitting on the edge of their seats, cautiously edging around each corner for fear of what was waiting for them. more »
From futuristic survival horror to cutesy B-movie frights Tales from Space: About a Blob is not perhaps as prolific a game as Dead Space 2 which saw a release last weekend, however this little independent title from recently formed DrinkBox Studios is not one to simply be scoffed at. more »
Zoe Mode have announced that the incredibly addictive and brilliant Chime will be coming to the Playstation Network as Chime Super Deluxe this Spring.   Chime is already available on the Xbox Live Arcade and PC, however, the exclusive Chime Super Delu… more »
One game that a lot of survival horror and space fans have been looking forward is Dead Space 2. Electronic Arts have really treated fans this time round with such an amazing set of items in the collector’s edition, and you can see that from the amount… more »
If you are a fan of Silent Hill then you should have been following the news recently as Konami announced various features, locations and information regarding the eighth instalment of the beloved survival horror series. Unlike the recent Homecoming,… more »
2K Games and Gearbox have now officially announced the date that many thought would never actually come. That is that Duke Nukem Forever has finally been given an actual release date that they will be sticking to, no more "it'll be coming soon" like… more »
One Sony exclusive that all Playstation 3 owners should have is definitely Little Big Planet 2. Oddly enough even though being a game developed in the UK by Media Molecule, America were lucky enough to get the more spectacular Collector's Edition of the… more »
Back in October the most adorable and charming game was released, and everyone rejoiced, however after about 6 hours it was all over and done with, and with little else to do players focused on other things, nice things like puppies, and cheese. But rejoice once more you can, because there is an addition to the story of Costume Quest, Grubbins on Ice!! more »
For any Street Fighter fans out there who are wanting another fightstick to add to their collection, the special edition Chun-Li fightsticks that were announced at PAX are now available for order in the UK, but they’re extremely limited and only… more »
After the somewhat terrible Spike Video Game Awards on Saturday the 11th there were a few things that made the ceremony watchable, and I must say I was extremely excited the second Todd Howard came up on stage as there was only really one thing he could… more »
November 24th saw the slightly belated launch of Polyphony Digital's GT5. Normally the launch of a game is nothing to be surprised about, they happen all the time, however none of them will be quite like GT5. It's time for a story.... more »
Bioware have unveiled Mass Effect 3, one of the most highly anticipated games of 2011, after numerous rumours, the premier trailer ‘Earth’ was shown exclusively on the Spike VGA’s. Mass Effect 3 marks the pinnacle of Commander Shepard’s journey and fans… more »
Everyone's loveable Indiana Jones-wannabe is back and this time Nathan Drake is off to the heart of the Arabian Desert in his latest expedition. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is being made exclusively for Playstation 3 by the great folk at Naughty Dog… more »