After two hotly anticipated Silent Hill titles dropped off the radar last year, they are now back with confirmed release dates all set for March! more »
Check out Swan, Lollipop Chainsaw's villain, and the one responsible for the whole of San Romero High being turned to zombies. more »
Warlock: Master of Arcane is a brand new turn based strategy title from Paradox Interactive and their Majesty 2 studio In-Co Plus. Think of it like Civilization, but with wizards and warlocks instead of Abraham Lincoln and Ghandi. more »
Lexis Numérique’s survival horror game AMY is now officially available to buy in the UK via the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. more »
The Worms Ultimate Mayhem Multiplayer Pack features 5 new multiplayer maps for use across Deathmatch and Survivor game types both in local and online play, as well as 3 new achievements. more »
We get a taste of King Arthur II with the prologue Dead Legions, lets just say, we're ready for more. The satisfying tale of Septimus Sulla is one of tragedy and betrayal, and has taught us well of our future adversary. more »
The highly anticipated adventure game Deponia is getting ever nearer to release, in celebration, Lace Mamba Global and developers Daedalic Entertainment have released an official teaser trailer. more »
If you feel like a bit of Team 17 nostalgia for your old loved Amiga games but don’t feel like carting it out from the Attic, or booting up DOSbox, hit up for some instant classic PC Gaming. more »
Paradox Interactive have released the third in a series of live action trailers for their upcoming, highly anticipated grand strategy title; Crusader Kings II. Get ready to experience one of the most dangerous sins in Crusader Kings II; greed. more »
SquareEnix have announced that a 3D Scarygirl platformer will be seeing a release on digital download platforms including XBLA, PSN and PC. more »
Shoot Many Robots is a new fast paced four player cooperative arcade title that gives the player a bit of variation on the side with its roleplaying aspects that include the ability to level up their character and equip them. more »
This week: Game of the Year (0:31): Catherine Paul Listeners News (12:13): Microsoft Flight Amy House of the Dead Fate of the World - Tipping Point BlindGiRl 2 Cities in Motion: U.S. Cities Gotham City Impostors XCOM: Enemy Unknown Mas… more »
Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality's shooter Sine Mora set for a release this year has unveiled their first character of the game, explaining where Suda 51's unique touch has been put. more »
The official website for the highly anticipated forthcoming RTS/RPG is now live, giving players the place to go for the latest news on Neocore Games' epic title in the award winning franchise. In celebration of the launch of the new website, Paradox… more »
A rather unusual announcement has been made for the release of Fate of the World – Tipping Point for retail from publishers Lace Mamba Global. To fit with the game’s message as much as possible, the packaging of the retail edition will be eco-friendly. more »
The follow-up to Xbox indie title BlindGiRl has been released all of a sudden, and its more than just a few more levels. more »
SEGA today announced some news that will make all House of the Dead fans shout in joy. Not only are they bringing the originally Xbox and Arcade exclusive House of the Dead 3 to the Playstation Network. They're also going to release House of the Dead 4… more »
One of 2011's top businness simulations was Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order's Cities in Motion, and they are continuing the series on into 2012 with the announcement of two new cities; San Francisco and New York. more »
The date was almost upon us, January 10th was set to see the release of Monolith's newest game since F.E.A.R 2, the recently announced but insanely fun Gotham City Impostors. With a huge increase in following over the recent years Batman is back in… more »
And relax! 2K Games have confirmed today that XCOM: Enemy Unknown will no longer be a mark on the beloved X-COM series, and is returning to its roots of strategy. more »
Amy, a new breed of survivor horror, from one of the creative minds that brought us Flashback, was originally announced back around the start of 2011. Now it's been given an official release date and pricing and it's actually very soon. Lexis Numerique… more »
It has been announced that the long awaited revitalisation of the Flight Simulator franchise; Microsoft Flight will be free-to-play, but will it live up to everyone's expectations? more »