Get a part in The Walking Dead with Telltale's pre-order contest
Telltale are running a promotion on pre-orders of the season pass of The Walking Dead from their store more »
AZMD! Scorepocalypse yeah!
Ever just want to gun down zombies in a twin-stick shooter but can’t deal with story? Just want Smash TV to be Zombie TV? Well doublesix have announced the best darn game in their All Zombies Must Die universe with the standalone Scorepocalypse. more »
Adam's Venture 3 Revelations review: An end to the trilogy
It's taken three years in total but Adam's adventure is finally coming to an end with Adam's Venture 3: Revelations. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Adam… more »
The time to strike is now in Naval War: Arctic Circle
If you yearn for the days when strategy games were all about the strategy, time compression and true naval warfare, well you're in luck, because Paradox Interactive and Turbo tape Games' Naval War: Arctic Circle is now out, and ready for you to engage. more »
Discover the world of Molydeux in Little Miss Left Behind
If you aren’t into games development then the recent MolyDeux Game Jam may have escaped you, with just over 300 games created the games created were fantastic, and some even went the extra mile like Little Miss Left Behind created for Kinect. more »
Help Thomas Was Alone
If you loved the look of Thomas Was Alone, well get ready to make it that much more awesome with some voiceovers, help Mike pay some legal fees, and cover the costs for marketing so that the game will reach as many people as possible. more »
Lost Planet 3 has been announced
At Capcom's Captivate show they officially announced Lost Planet 3 which is being developed by a Western studio to join their squad of non-Japanese developed titles; for the Japanese developer/publisher, this time they've picked Spark Unlimited to do… more »
Episode 288: Biowuss
This week: News (0:20): Mass Effect 3 Men of War: Condemned Heroes The Witcher 2 Assassins of Kings Orcs Must Die 2 Pinkerton Road Ghost Recon Future Soldier Ghost Recon Commander Fable Civilization V: Gods & King… more »
Sniper Elite V2 demo out now!
505 Games have announced that Rebellion’s reboot of the loved classic Sniper Elite has a demo available for download today from the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. It's time to see if the original 2005 shooter has been done justice! more »
Happily Ever After out now at retail
Happily Ever After; Honeyslug Entertainment's cute hidden object adventure game that spins around your view of fairytales is at retail thanks to Lace Mamba Global. more »
Experience post-apocalyptic Sweden in our preview of Krater
Whilst still in it's pre-alpha stages, Krater; an upcoming tactical roleplaying game from Fatshark has a lot of potential through its use of exploration, crafting and persistence. more »
Bust out some tactics in our review of Confrontation
In the world of Aarklash the Age of Rag’narok is almost upon us, if the Griffin forces do not take on the Alchemists of Dirz, the Path of the Light may not win the battle. more »
48 Chambers is out and ready to make you crazy
Discord Games have released their new indie title 48 Chambers today for Windows PC and the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace. You can check out the trailer and can guess that they are making this tough cookie look easy. more »
Save Earth in our review of Darkstar: The Interactive Movie
2185 is the year that Earth as we know it is destroyed, and the Westwick is the last chance of the survival of the human race in this live action full motion video interactive movie from Parallax Studios, brought to the UK thanks to Lace Mamba Global. more »
Locate and destroy in our preview of Naval War: Arctic Circle
Turbo Tape Games prove that a strategy game does not need an unrealistic or historical setting to be engaging, and their modern sea combat title puts your tactical prowess to the limit in Naval War: Arctic Circle. more »
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Dark Edition will be available at GAME!
Today CD Projeck Red and GAME have officially confirmed that GAME… more »
Men of War: Condemned Heroes is dated for release
Lace Mamba Global have confimed the UK and Irish release date of the next installment in the critically acclaimed RTS series Men of War. Men of War: Condemned Heroes tells the story of one of the infamous Soviet penal battalions during World War II. more »
Check out Confrontation's launch trailer
Cyanide Studios have released their launch trailer for Confrontation ahead of its release tomorrow; April 5th. more »
Would you like a signed copy of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings?
Well if you didn't manage to get in a pre-order for a Dark Edition of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings through GAME… more »
Pure simplicity in our review of Coloropus
Pigsels excel at making a thoroughly enjoyable, and accessible game for all in their adorable new colour based puzzler Coloropus that breaks records of cuteness in video games. more »
How to avoid the worst strategies in the new Naval War: Arctic Circle dev diary
In this developer diary from Turbo Tape Games, the Naval War: Arctic Circle development team talks about the art and science of naval combat, and the consequences of failure in the frigid North. more »
Orcs Must Die 2 announced
3.4 billion orcs are dead! It’s just not good enough! Robot Entertainment has announced that Orcs Must Die! 2 will be putting players back into battle with their friends against the terrifying mob of orcs and other monsters to do better! more »