Killing Floor Gold Edition coming to celebrate 1 million copies sold
To celebrate 1 million copies sold, Iceberg Interactive and developer Tripwire are releasing Killing Floor ‘Gold Edition’ for PC. The Gold Edition will include the base game, and all DLC available to date as well as a new female character. more »
Pro Cycling Manager Tour de France 2012 announced
It’s the series that the original Cyanide’s team split from Ubisoft for, yes the newest instalment in the sports simulation Pro Cycling Manager series with Tour de France 2012 that will once again be coming to PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. more »
Introducing the Humble Botanicula bundle!
It's Humble Indie Bundle time! As it's been way too long since the last one, well this time round it's something that really interests me and hopefully interests you too! This new bundle focuses around Amanita Design and their amazing array of games… more »
Kratos returns in God of War: Ascension
There has been some awesome news from Sony today in the form of an announcement of a new game in a brilliant franchise, and that is God of War: Ascension. Unfortunately not many details have really been announced about Ascension other than it's being… more »
Last Half of Darkness returns in Society of the Serpent
Iceberg Interactive and WRF Studios have announced their partnership in publishing the newest instalment in the point-and-click adventure series Last Half of Darkness in Society of the Serpent. more »
Gemini Wars preview: It's time for epic space battles!
There's a new Real-time strategy title soon to hit the shelves that has gone so deep into the setting of Science-Fiction that it'll be hard for sci-fi aficionados not to pick it up. more »
Crusader Kings II patch 1.05 released
The newest and biggest patch for the critically acclaimed Crusader Kings II has just been released and it introduces a significant amount of new content and improvements. more »
The Train Giant demo available now
A-Train 9, otherwise known as Train Giant in Europe is available now, and for those unsure if they should venture into the new mostly uncharted territory that is most definitely not Sim City may want to download the demo. more »
Halo 4 now has a release date!
The date where fans can finally jump back into the boots of Master Chief has been announced, Halo 4 is now set for an early November release, pitting it up against the likes of Assassin's Creed III and close to the release of BioShock Infinite. Halo… more »
Did any video game music make it into the Classical FM Hall of Fame?
Just to let everyone know the results of the recent voting for the getting video game music in the Classic FM Hall of Fame. Well the voting ended late February and the top 300 chart of Classical music was announced during the Easter weekend. Well ov… more »
Watch the world go by in our review of Train Giant (A-Train 9)
We concentrate our hardest with the complex Train Giant; the newest in the line of the A-Train series, the question is, has enough changed from the last title to warrant a new game? more »
Get R.A.W with the Warrior in the trailer for Realms of Ancient War
Focus Home Interactive have released the first trailer for Wizarbox’s upcoming hack’n’slash action roleplaying game R.A.W; Realms of Ancient War which shows off one of the 3 playable heroes of the game the Warrior. more »
Iceberg Interactive taking care of Blades of Time: Limited Edition on PC
Iceberg Interactive have announced a distribution agreement with Gaijin Entertainment that will see the limited edition of the hack’n’slash steam punk action title Blades of Time: Limited Edition come to PC and Mac at the end of May 2012. more »
Episode 289: Nomad > Prophet
This week: News (0:40): Crysis 3 Blades of Time Gemini Wars Port Royale 3 Dungeonbowl Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir Hitman: Absolution The Walking Dead AZMD! Scorepocalypse Thomas Was Alone Sniper Elite V2 Demon… more »
Welcome to Unbelievaville in our review of Happily Ever After
The hidden object genre is one rife in the casual games market, and it’s rare that you find a game that thinks outside the box, welcome to Unbelievaville in Happily Ever After. more »
Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir is coming to Europe
Some great news for horror fans out there, Nintendo and Tecmo Koei Games have gotten together to bring a release of Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir over to the UK and Europe. Spirit Camera as you may presume makes good use of the 3DS's built in 3D c… more »
Fate/EXTRA has a date for PSP in Europe
Not that long ago Ghostlight announced the release of their next venture in bringing Japanese/American releases of JRPG PSP games to the UK, this time round Fate/EXTRA. In a similar vein to their usual releases Fate/EXTRA will also be presented in a col… more »
Gemini Wars is dated for fairly soon
Today Iceberg Interactive and Camel101 have announced not only the UK box art for Gemini Wars, but they've also announced the release date that you can expect this… more »
Port Royale 3: Pirates and Merchants website launched
Kalypso Media have launched the official website for Port Royal 3: Pirates and Merchants, their upcoming multi-platform 17th century empire building game! more »
Welcome to Dungeonbowl!
With Cyanide Studios’ Confrontation just released, they have announced a new game for their roster, heading away from Rackham and back to Games Workshop, in a new, unfortunately online only game; Dungeonbowl. more »
Naval War: Arctic Circle demo out now
In case you do not think you can cut it in the cutthroat world of naval warfare, you're just in luck! Paradox Interactive and Turbo Tape Games have just released a demo for Naval War: Arctic Circle. more »
Hitman: Absolution Professional Edition announced
It may not have a solid release date yet, but Hitman Absolution has already more »