DARK announced from Kalypso
Kalypso have unveiled DARK, a third person stealth action for Xbox 360 and Windows PC from the developers of Dungeons. In a futuristic cityscape players are put into the role of a vampire out to discover the secrets of the mysterious global corportation. more »
Dishonored has a release date!
With yesterdays BioShock Infinite related announcement things were looking pretty down in the world of games, however today things have brightened up as Dishonored; Arkane Studios and Bethesda Softworks little gem has been given a release date. Disho… more »
BioShock Infinite has been delayed to 2013
Yesterday some terrible news was announced, when compared to real life things it's quite trivial, however in the gaming world it hit me hard. One of my, and many other people's most anticipated games of the year has been delayed, BioShock Infinite; the… more »
The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav teaser trailer released
Adventure game veterans Daedalic Entertainment are allowing fans of the acclaimed roleplaying game to experience it in a point and click environment, full of beautiful hand drawn locations and characters. more »
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing announced
NeocoreGames; those folks that brought you diverse strategy games in the King Arthur universe have branched out to a new fantastical universe; Dracula! more »
Excalibur Publishing bolster their Extra Play range
If you do not have enough simulators in your life, well you're in luck, because next week a whole catalogue of games will be heading to store shelves in the Excalibur Publishing Extra Play range, and not all of them are re-releases. more »
Warlock: Master of the Arcane launches with an interesting trailer
Paradox Interactive and Ino-Co Plus have announced Warlock: Master of the Arcane's release with a launch trailer regaling the glorious tale of King Rrat in magnificent live action! Be sure to keep your eyes open for the stuffed rat... more »
Carmageddon: Reincarnation heads to Kickstarter
The long awaited re-boot of the cult hit Carmageddon is set to make a return with Carmageddon: Reincarnation, and in a strange turn of events, the Isle of Wight based developers have taken to Kickstarter to gather together the last funding required. more »
A Game of Dwarves preview: Dwarf-filled addiction at it's finest!
One of the most addictive games that I had a chance to play recently was one that I didn't really expect to be as addictive as it was, and that was A Game of Dwarves. Which like the other games on show was also in a pre-alpha state, but was extremely… more »
Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition announced
Cyanide Studios have unveiled Blood Bowl: Chaos Edition in the newest adaptation of Games Workshop's brutal sport-based tabletop game that takes the ultra violent team sport is taken to new levels with new races, stadiums, and World Championship mode. more »
Episode 292: Elder Scrolls Online
This week: News (0:32): The Elder Scrolls Online Deponia Rune Factory Oceans European Bus Simulator Max Payne 3 GameCity7 Persona 4 Golden Nintendo 3DS PopCap MCM London Comic Con Akai Katana Tom Clancy's Ghost Rec… more »
European Bus Simulator coming soon!
Those brilliant folk at TML Studios have created yet another beautiful simulator with European Bus Simulator that Excalibur Publishing will be bringing to British shores. European Bus Simulator is possibly the most realistic bus simulator ever made. more »
Deponia dated for release!
Lace Mamba Global have confirmed the retail release date of the highly anticipated point and click adventure Deponia from the makers of The Whispered World and Edna and Harvey, and it's coming to the UK and Ireland so soon you can almost taste it! more »
Sanctum is free this weekend!
Through til May 7th Sanctum will be free to play! The game will also be available at a discounted price if for some reason you do not own the ingenious first person tower defense! The Sanctum Collection which includes the game and all DLC from now until… more »
MCM London Comic Con in May is jam packed with games this year!
Britains biggest pop culture festival is almost here; the MCM Expo London Comic Con returns to ExCel London on the 25-27th May with a fantastic lineup of games, with a lot of exclusive UK hands on. more »
Akai Katana has a release date!
After the announcement of Rising Star Games' impending release of Akai Katana well after a long wait they've announced a date which is just around the corner. Next week you can look forward to another Cave shooter and some insane bullet-hell to keep… more »
You can now watch Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Alpha!
Last week a few of Gamercast headed up to BAFTA's building to watch the premiere screenings of Ubisoft's brand new top-notch short film Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Alpha, a prequel to Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Well today Ubisoft have now… more »
War of the Roses preview: A violent time in merry old England
Do you fancy something different from the generic modern shooters with all their glorious hi-tech weapons and gadgetry? Then War of the Roses is right up your street! It can be compared to blockbuster franchises like Call of Duty and Battlefield, but in… more »
Jagged Alliance: Back in Action patch 1.13 is live!
You may have recently read our review of the addictive tactical roleplaying game Jagged Alliance: Back in Action, the developers at bitComposer have released the awaited 1.13 patch that puts in a lot of what fans were bemoaning about the game. more »
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection dated for PS Vita
Konami have announced the launch window for the hotly awaited Metal Gear Solid HD Collection coming to the Playstation Vita to bring Vita owners yet another massive AAA title to the catalogue. more »
Frobisher Says is now free!
Those awesome folks at Sony have announced that the oddball, fast paced mini game game is now free, and there is now an extra DLC pack available also! more »
Worms Revolution's new class system
In a rather surprising announcement, Team 17 have revealed a few interesting facts on the new title that adds to the 17-year old franchise. Contrary to all previous Worms games, Worms Revolution will feature a class system featuring four different classes more »