Announcing the Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector's Edition
Fans of Aliens: Colonial Marines will of course have to wait until February 12th for the release of Gearbox's foray into the Alien universe, however SEGA have announced a little piece of news to make the wait less painful for fans out there. That's… more »
Watch the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing E3 teaser trailer
Just before E3, NeoCore Games have released a teaser trailer for their upcoming XBLA/PC title the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing. more »
Jet Set Radio's music is almost intact!
After the amazing news of Jet Set radio being released on Playstation Vita as well as digital platforms for consoles, SEGA have now announced the full track listing for the re-release of Jet Set Radio, and hopefully it won't disappoint any fans out ther… more »
CD Projekt RED are getting all Cyberpunk
With games like Deus Ex and Hard Reset revitalising the dystopia of the cyberpunk genre of the late 80s the hardcore fans; myself included need more! more »
Los Angeles is preparing for E3
As you can see below the Downtown area of LA is getting ready for the monstrous E3 by getting up all their building sized adverts. Once again Bethesda have claimed Hotel Figueroa… more »
Magicka: Other Side of the Coin coming soon
Ever want to play as the real bad guys? Well Magicka's newest DLC will allow you to do just that as you take on the role of Alucart the Vampire and his evil henchmen The Necromancers. more »
Of Orcs and Men explodes to life in the E3 trailer
That's right, the E3 trailers have begun rolling in, beginning with one game that we are really looking forward to giving a hands on; Of Orcs and Men that for once allows you to play as the orcs against mankind. more »
Will you be getting the KRATER 10,000 Dollar Victor Edition?
Feel like a home cooked meal from Fatshark's Game Designer? Got $10k to spare? You might want to check out the exclusive KRATER 10,000 Dollar Victor Edition! more »
Episode 295: Jet Set Podcast
This week: News (01:33): Persona 4 Arena Jet Set Radio The Cave Metro: Last Light KickBeat Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Set Far Cry 3 XCOM Enemy Unknown Demon's Souls Harry Potter for Kinect Mass Effect 3 Dead I… more »
Experience science fiction on an epic scale in our review of Gemini Wars
With only a few days until release we put Gemini Wars to the most important test of all, built up from science fiction media, this is one real time strategy that definitely has its heart in the right place. more »
New breathtaking screenshots unveiled for Pro Cycling Manager 2012
With the latest Pro Cycling Manager season announced a few months back, Cyanide Studios have unveiled a few more showing that the long running series is unquestionably the most realistic experience for cycling sports fans. more »
Come to battle in Of Orcs and Men new screenshots
A new series of screenshots have revealed a bit of combat in Focus Home Interactive's upcoming fantasy game Of Orcs and Men, that we'll be getting our hands on at E3 in the coming weeks. more »
Jet Set Radio is boosting it's way to Playstation Vita!
Some more awesome news straight from SEGA today, they've announced that with the amazing reaction from the fans with the re-release of Jet Set Radio for Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network they've decided to release it on another platform, the Play… more »
Persona 4 Arena is coming out in Europe!
In an astounding announcement that I thought would never see our shores, Persona 4 Arena is now making its way to Europe on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 later this year courtesy of ATLUS and Zen United. Persona 4 Arena is a collaboration between ATLUS… more »
Ron Gilbert's new game The Cave has been announced
If you've been keeping an eye on Ron Gilbert's twitter recently you'll know that something has been waiting to be announced. Well today was the day that the announcement was made, and in a surprise turn it appears that Double Fine Productions are having… more »
Off-Road Drive review: The dirtiest simulator around
When looking at simulator games on the market you wouldn't usually expect one to be made using the Unreal 3 Engine, of course with more and more games using the engine, with the likes of the more recent Adam's Venture games as well as Zumba Fitness, as… more »
Enter the Metro in Metro: Last Light
It may have been delayed to 2013 earlier this year, but that doesn't mean that the highly anticipated Metro: Last Light has been put on the backburner, because THQ have just released a live action short film capturing the atmosphere of the game. more »
DARK teaser trailer released
Although it might not have any actual in game footage, Kalypso Media have unveiled a sneaky little teaser trailer for their upcoming vampire-stealth-em-up. more »
Fight to the rhythm in KickBeat
Zen Studios the folks that brought the likes of Pinball FX and Planet Minigolf have dropped the use of balls as their avatar and taken to the cult subgenre of rhythm action with their newly announced Playstation Vita game KickBeat! more »
Gaze in awe at the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector's Set
To celebrate the looming 25th Anniversary of Street Fighter, Capcom are presenting fans with the ultimate collector’s set. The Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector’s Set which is currently only announced for release in North America will be avai… more »
Experience some zombie pep at the London MCM Expo this weekend
That's right, if you get down to the London ExCel centre this weekend, you can feast your eyes on some undead cheerleaders as they perform some routines for the upcoming release of Lollipop Chainsaw. more »
Pre-order the Far Cry 3 Collector's edition today!
Ubisoft have announced a shiny and slightly scary collector’s edition for Far Cry 3 which will be available on all three platforms that Far Cry 3 is being developed for, pre-orders of this "Insane edition" are currently only available in the UK at the… more »