Announcing the Xbox One
We've all known about Microsoft revealing something new for some time now. Well finally Microsoft have announced their new console the Xbox One. The run down as we were previously told by Major Nelson and other news sites was primarily to show off th… more »
Xbox One Questions and Answers
Now the Xbox One has been announced, there's a few questions left unfinished, especially surrounding internet requirements and the secondhand market. Q: Does Xbox One require an “always on” Internet connection? A: No, it does not have to be always… more »
Help with the final push on Jagged Alliance: Flashback!
With less than 50 hours to go, developers Full Control need your help more than ever for the final push of the Jagged Alliance: Flashback Kickstarter campaign. more »
A Shadow Warrior is reborn!
Devolver Digital have announced that independent developer Flying Wild Hog that brought the satisfyingly futuristic Hard Reset are working on a complete reimagining of the 1997 3D Realms cult classic Shadow Warrior. more »
Want to play Deadpool? Well they've got an exclusive demo at the MCM London Comic Con next weekend!
Not excited about the multitude of new Nintendo games playable at MCM London Comic Con next weekend? How about something a little more exclusive? Well Activision have announced that their upcoming Deadpool game will be present more »
Explore Jagged Alliance: Flashback with a frozen moment!
With only 6 days remaining on their Kickstarter campaign, Full Control have released an inventive downloadable gameplay scene from Jagged Alliance: Flashback that depicts a combat scenario. more »
Check out your very own Hunter's Lair in the new trailer for The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
NeocoreGames have released yet another new trailer for their highly anticipated upcoming action RPG The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, so feast your eyes on the Hunter's Lair! more »
Nintendo is about to get unleashed at the MCM London Comic Con!
If you’re planning on heading to the bi-annual MCM London Comic Con next weekend then you might just be interested to hear that the stellar Nintendo Unleashed tour will be kicking off at the event, and it has quite a few games on show! more »
Check out the first screenshots of Magicka: Wizard Wars
Paradox Interactive have released the first screenshots for their upcoming team based gib-em-up Magicka: Wizard Wars from their new studio Paradox North! more »
Check out some more of Eric's skills in DARK
Kalypso Media have released another new trailer for the upcoming vampire-stealth-action DARK from Realmforge Studios, this new video shows off some more of Eric’s vampire skills in detail. more »
Come work on the Railroads in the Marias Pass DLC for Train Simulator 2013
One of the newest expansions for Train Simulator 2013 is the iconic Marias Pass; a high mountain pass near the Glacier National Park in north-western Montana. more »
Episode 337: Rome to Dust
Shownotes: News (1:34): Wolfenstein: The New Order Total War: Rome II Star Wars The Showdown Effect The Adventures of Van Helsing American McGee's Alice Magic 2014 Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army Sins of a Solar Empire… more »
Pre-order The Night of the Rabbit and get some Deponia for free!
Daedalic Entertainment have announced that their upcoming, beautifully hand drawn adventure The Night of the Rabbit is available for pre-order on before its release May 29th. more »
Knights of Pen and Paper +1 edition preview: I was slain by an elf
If there's one thing that's growing increasingly popular it's casual but addictive games that can be played while carrying out other duties like being sociable or while catching up on your favourite TV program. A lot of these games are generally found o… more »
Total War: Rome II dated for worldwide release alongside a swanky collector's edition!
Sega and Creative Assembly have finally announced the release date for the highly anticipated Total War: Rome II including a collector’s edition and pre-order bonuses that might peak your interest more »
What is Jagged Alliance: Flashback? Why not let the CEO of Full Control fill you in?
The developers at Full Control who recently began a Kickstarter campaign for their reset of the Jagged Alliance series have just released a developer video. more »
Run Your Own Animal Sanctuary in our review of Zoo Park
Upon first glance it is very easy to compare the humble Zoo Park: Run Your Own Animal Sanctuary from Excalibur Publishing to the likes of Zoo Tycoon or Theme Park, after all, it does look a heck of a lot like them. more »
NeocoreGames announce the release date for The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
NeocoreGames have announced the release date for their highly anticipated upcoming action RPG The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing alongside a new trailer showing off the character progression in the game. more »
Return to the land of Borgovia in our preview of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing
We made a return to the land of Borgovia to sample the delights of The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing once more, and boy has it changed a lot! more »
Get ready for a Showdown in the west in the new Showdown Effect content update
Paradox Interactive and Arrowhead Game Studios have released new content for their fast paced action brawler The Showdown Effect that is available today for free to all players. more »
Announcing Wolfenstein: The New Order
Today Bethesda announced a brand new game in a long running franchise that perhaps some may have thought would never see a return.… more »
Get a glimpse of the president in the new trailer for Saints Row IV
Deep Silver and Volition have released a new trailer for the ridiculous and highly-anticipated Saints Row IV showcasing all-new in-game footage for the all-out crazy sandbox. more »