We're pleased to announce episode 24 of Gamercast, here is this week's shownotes: Final Fantasy Advent Children DVD. NHL 2K6. Nintendo Wii. Download, 34MB MP3. more »
We're proud to announce episode 23, this weeks shownotes include: Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Nintendo E3 announcements. Phantasy Star Online. Phantasy Star Universe. Download, 20MB, MP3. more »
Here's Gamercast Episode 22, this week's shownotes: New PGR3 new cars. Silent Hill the movie. House of the Dead 4. Battlefield 2142. Download, 15MB, MP3. more »
Here's episode 21, this weeks shownotes: Apple Bootcamp. Kameo. Oblivion horses. Rumble Roses. Tomb Raider. Download, 21MB, MP3. more »
We're pleased to announce Gamercast Episode 20, here's this weeks shownotes. PlayStation 3. PlayStation Portable flopping. Oblivion & Khajiit's mod of the week. Windows Vista. Nintendo DS sexy. Xbox 360 skins. Battlefield 2 demo. The Phantom… more »
We're proud to announce Episode 19 of Gamercast, this one largely based on the Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion... Download, 29MB, MP3. more »
Cpt. Albert Wesker also known as Charlotte, has reviewed the recently released Burnout Revenge for the Xbox 360. A continuing game in the Burnout series, although maybe it's just prettier than the previous? Her review is a window to if it's worth buying… more »
We're proud to announce Gamercast Episode 18, here's this week's show notes: PlayStation 3 coming November. Sony news in general. Ghost Recon. Outfit. Geometry Wars is cool. Oblivion coming soon. Feeding Frenzy is cool. Download, 26MB, MP3. more »
Here's episode 17, this weeks shownotes: Outfit demo. Star Trek Legacy. Dawn of War. Ghost Recon. Fight Night. Download, 28MB, MP3. more »
Cpt. Albert Wesker also known as Charlotte, has also reviewed the newest contribution to the Tom Clancy series: Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter on the Xbox 360. If you've seen the trailer then you need to decide if you wanna check out the game. Her… more »
Cpt. Albert Wesker also known as Charlotte, has reviewed the brand new Fight Night Round 3, for those who are considering of putting a whole 50 pounds in EA's pocket, this is a good way to figure out if you wish to spend that pile of cash. This review… more »
Here it is, Gamercast episode 16. This weeks shownotes: Spore and Spore and even more Spore. Battle For Middle-Earth 2. Paul's crap list. Random space stuff. Download, 21MB, MP3. more »
We're proud to announce Gamercast Episode 15, super crazy edition, this week's shownotes: Fight Night Round 3. PlayStation 3 put back. Metal Gear Solid 3. Metal Gear Solid Saga. Empire at War. Nintendo DS Lite. Paul's weekly crap section.… more »
Here's episode 14. This weeks shownotes: Forza Motorsport > Gran Turismo. Minish Cap. Battle for Middle Earth II demo. Adam's MMORPG stuff. Star Wars Empire at War. Legend of Zelda. Download, 14MB, MP3. more »
Cpt. Albert Wesker also known as Charlotte, has reviewed an amazing three games in the span of this morning, and will hopefully be throwing more our way in the future, this last review is a Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy review for the PC. So for anyone… more »
Cpt. Albert Wesker, also known as Charlotte has thrown another review our way, this time the review is of the unknown Psychonauts for the PC. So everyone that has not heard of the game, or is interested in what it’s about you must listen. There must be… more »
Our reviewer Cpt. Albert Wesker, also known as Charlotte has recorded a spoken review of Omikron: The Nomad Soul for the PC and Dreamcast for those unsure of what it is, or wish to know more about the first game released by Quantic Dream. The review… more »
Episode 13 is now available for download. This weeks items include: Halo 2 PC and soundtrack. City of Heroes for free. Rub Rabbits. Xbox Live Arcade. Xbox 360 web browser. Hands on with PS3 dev kits. Life after iPod. Transformers the movie.… more »
We've proud to announce the 12th episode of Gamercast, this weeks shownotes: PS2 afterthoughts. Eve Online. Homeworld 2. Star Wars Empire at War. Oblivion getting close. NFL Madden 06 demo on marketplace. Download, 14MB, MP3. more »
This is the PS2 destruction video from Gamercast Episode 11. Enjoy. Download, 62MB, WMV, mirror. more »
We're proud to announce the audio-only part of Gamercast Episode 11. What we talked about this week: Making of Oblivion trailer released. World of Warcraft festival. Nintendo bring free wi-fi to Ireland. Dunegeons and Dragons online. Star Trek… more »
We're pleased to announce Episode 10 is now available, this is our special retro show where we talk about retro stuff. This weeks shownotes: Wester and Harrison Ford. Dune 2, Elite, Sim City and Lemmings. Nintendo, Sega and retro today. Loads of… more »