Here's episode 44, this week we talk about: Letters. Next weeks releases. Wii releases. Flight Simulator X. XNA Game Studio Express. Download, 18MB. MP3. more »
Here's Gamercast Episode 43, the completely random on the fly episode. Paul's computer upgrade. Paul's Wii countdown gadget. Adam's scary monkey. Blizzard stuff. City of Heroes. Paul plays chess while Adam talks. South Park WoW stuff.… more »
Here's the long awaited Gamercast Episode 42. Letters New releases Halo Wars Nintendo Wii Doom City of Heroes Pokemon Marvel Universe Online Download, 18MB, MP3. more »
Here's episode 41 and this weeks shownotes: Letters: Wiss (Iv introduced some people to gamercast) New Releases: Dead Rising Enchanted Arms Lego Star Wars II PlayStation 3 delayed until next year. Xbox 360 HD DVD. Team Fortress 2. City of… more »
Here's Gamercast Episode 40, this week's shownotes: Letters. New releases. Joe Kucan is back to play Kane. Windows Vista RC1 is done. Flight Simulator X is nearly done. Microsoft next-gen exclusive on football games. Nintendo Wii. Battalion Wars… more »
Here's Gamercast Episode 39 and this week's random shownotes: The Borg. Sony PlayStation 3 deposit. Dolphins. Frontlines: thinks oil comes from under the mantle. Galactic Civilizations 2. Download, 29MB, MP3. more »
Here's Gamercast Episode 38. New releases. Dead Rising and stuff. Forward releases. 40 minutes of random stuff. Download, 29MB, MP3. more »
Two days behind schedule but here's Gamercast episode 37: Letters. New releases. Chocobo Set For DS. Rumor: Wii Release Date, Price. Square Enix on next generation. Command & Conquer 3. Dead Rising demo. Nighty Nine Nights demo. PlayStation… more »
Here's Gamercast episode 36: Letters. New releases. Civilisation 4 Warlords. Transformers the Movie. PS3 not fitting in the box. Download, 20MB, MP3. more »
We're back and Adam is still alive, so here's episode 35: Letters. New releases. Radeon X1600 review. Portal. Battlefield 2. Spellforce. Team Fortress 2. Burning Legion. Download, 24MB, MP3. more »
Unfortunately due to adverse evolutionary circumstances (creationists take note) Adam is out of action this week after undergoing an operation to remove parts of his digestive and vocal systems. Hopefully Adam will be able to speak by then. Any… more »
Here's episode 34 and this weeks shownotes: Releases this week. Rayman Raving Rabbits. Halo 3 stuff. Chrome Hounds. Rise of Legends. Random stuff. Civilization 4 Warlords. Download, 33MB, MP3. more »
Here's episode 33 and this week's shownotes: This weeks releases. This weeks news. Brain Training. Super Mario Brothers. Command and Conquer 3 trailer. Warhammer 40,000: Dawn Of War Dark Crusade. Medieval 2: Total War. Neverwinter Nights 2.… more »
Here's episode 32 this week's shownotes include: This weeks releases. This weeks news. Nintendo DS Lite review. Metriod Prime Hunters. Animal Crossing. Download, 13MB, MP3. more »
Unfortunaly episode 32 of Gamercast will be delayed approximately 24 hours. This is completely beyond my control. So blame Adam. more »
We're proud to announce the new and improved Gamercast, here it is Episode 31 and this week's shownotes: Halo 2 PC Tetris Xbox 360 PS3 downgrade SOE podcast More Vista compatible games: --Doom 3 --Command & Conquer Generals --Command &… more »
Here's episode 30 and this week's shownotes: World of Warcraft. Windows Vista Beta 2 tested games: --Zoo Tycoon 2 --Half-Life 2 --Civilisation 4 --Battlefield 2 --Quake 4 --Quake III Arena --Oblivion --Morrowind --Warcraft 3 --World of… more »
Here's episode 29, this week's shownotes include: Hitman Blood Money. MotoGP 06. Spore. Quick Charge Kit. Phantasy Star Universe. Download, 20MB, MP3. more »
Here's episode 28, this week's for shownotes: New Xbox 360 Dashboard. Nintendo DS Lite release. Tetris DS. Marvel Alliance. Rockstar Table Tennis. Hitman Blood Money. Download, 20MB, MP3. more »
Here's episode 27, and its show notes: Halo. Superman Returns. Heavy Rain. Ninety Nine Nights. Spore. Random stuff. Download, 31MB, MP3. more »
We're proud to announce the uber episode 26, nearly two hours long. This week's shownotes: E306. Wii. Legend of Zelda. PlayStation 3 SUCKED. Brothers in Arms trailer. Command & Conquer 3. Oblivion rating. Live Anywhere. Halo 3. Download,… more »
We're proud to announce Episode 25 (yes 25 not 5). This week's shownotes: E3, Halo 3 and more. Adam's Oblivion cheat. Star Wars Lego / DVD. Star Wars Galaxies. Voice of Transformers - WTF Download, 22MB, MP3. more »