This week's topics include: Letters, Apple portable gaming machine. You don't buy games with Gamerscore. Forza Motorsport 2 demo on Marketplace this week. PlayStation 3 cancelled, production stopping this October. Console war sales update. Grand… more »
This weeks shownotes: Letters. Gamercast iPod. Windows most secure operating system. Gears of War film 2009. 3rd Resident Evil film. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: Knights of the Nine review. PlayStation 3 release in Europe. PlayStation loses Devil… more »
This week's shownotes: Letters. Halo, Fable and Spore talk. Commodore Gaming PCs. Blue Dragon demo on the cards. Eidos release games on Steam Virtua Tennis 3 demo on Xbox Live. Sky Broadband. The Elder Scrolls Oblivion: Shivering Isles release… more »
This week's shownotes: Letters. Halo 3 has split screen - duh. Oblivion: Shivering Isles trailer and marketplace cost. Five new Spore videos. Phantom Hourglass trailer released. New Super Mario Galaxy trailer released and confirmed for 2007.… more »
This week's shownotes: Letters. Transformers the Game screenshots. Sim City DS this summer. Grand Theft Auto IV trailer coming end of March. EA and Apple team up for EA Trax. Capcom now licencing the Unreal Engine. Final Fantasy VII. Final… more »
This week's showsnotes: Adam is buying a Zune. EA developer slams PlayStation 3. Sony drop 'Emotion Engine' from European PlayStation 3. Alien Hominid coming to Xbox Live Arcade next week. GameStop spamming people's phone. Super-market results… more »
Wireless Entertainment Desktop 8000. Apple Mac's blow up memory cards. Microsoft Expression stuff. Armed Assault. Belkin Tunecast Mobile FM. O2 stole Adam's money and keep threatening to drag Roodis to court. O2 gave money back to Adam. Adam… more »
Here's episode 58 and this week's shownotes: EA looks to dominate Nintendo platforms. Spore heading to Nintendo DS. Dell interested in entering handheld market. Give us the 20GB PS3. Bigger (250MB) Xbox 360 memory card. Ten new Xbox Live Arcade… more »
The shownotes for this week: Listener review by cptalbertwesker. Sales update: Nintendo DS 10 million in Europe. Nintendo Wii 4.2 million. Xbox 360 10.5 million. PlayStation 3 1.2 million. Burning Crusade shifts 2.4 million copies on day… more »
This week's shownotes: Burning Crusade - the first level 70. Baby Wii. Burning Crusade review. Burning Crusade limited edition review. Train Simulator 2 announced. Windows Vista, RAM usage, DRM, other crazy Adam questions. Download, 36MB, MP3. more »
Here's this weeks shownotes: Letters. PlayStation 3 launch plans weeks away. Final Fantasy XII UK launch 23rd February. Wii takes the PS3 as Xbox pronounced king. iPhone. Woman dies participating in a Wii contest. World of WarCraft passes 8… more »
Here's our episode for the New Year, number 54, this weeks shownotes: Games of 2006: Best overall game: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Best role-playing game: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Best shooter: Gears of War. Best adventure game: Legend… more »
This week's shownotes: Letters. Listeners' review - Burning Crusade from Vengeance of Night. Nintendo Wii. Zelda. Red Steel. Super Monkey Ball. Wii Play. Wii Sports. Upcoming Wii titles. Console war sales update. Star Trek Legacy. Download,… more »
This weeks shownotes: Letters. Crysis delayed after April 2007. Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2. Lost Planet pre-order stuff. Listeners' mini review - Call of Duty 3 from Darth Urra. Xbox 360 outsells PS3 and Wii. Wii sold 50000 units in the UK… more »
Letters. User-mini reviews. Sony shuffles senior executives. PlayStation 3 Sony's last console. Halo 3 beta entry begins tomorrow. Cardiff GAME have a Wii pod. Legal warning for PlayStation 3 importers. Development legend David Braben attacks… more »
This week we're joined by Catherine "kittydog", this week's shownotes include: Me and My Sim's Town. Superman. Television. Rule of Rose. Religious nuts should be wiped out. Nintendo Wii launch. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Knights of the Nine.… more »
Episode 49's shownotes: Gears of War. PlayStation 3. Wii launch. Xbox 360 more powerful than PlayStation 3. Xbox 360 built like a tank. Download, 22MB, MP3. more »
Here's episode 48 and this week's shownotes: Nintendo Wii videos. Dawn of War review. Gears of War. Apple adverts. Download, 28MB, MP3. more »
Here's episode 47's shownotes: Neverwinter Nights 2 review. Xbox 360 LLTD. Windows Vista and Office 2007 packaging. Sims 2 Pets review. Windows Vista RTM. Download, 28MB, MP3. more »
Here's Episode 46, this weeks show notes: Sony close Lik-Sang. Xbox 360 Autumn update. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 on Xbox 360. Internet Explorer 7.0. nVidia's Windows Vista drivers. World of Warcraft expansion delayed until January. Halo 3.… more »
We won't be able to release Gamercast Episode 46 today, instead we'll be recording and posting it up tomorrow. more »
Here's Gamercast Episode 45. Internet Explorer 7.0 released. Battlefield 2142 spyware. Battlefield 2142 itself. Sony lying retards. Pro Evolution Soccer Xbox 360 bundle. Dawn of War. Xbox 360 1080p support. Download, 20MB, MP3. more »