This week's shownotes: Letters. Spore release date. Lost Odyssey this week. EA offer $2 billion for Take Two. GDC 08. Gears of War 2. Fable 2. Ninja Gaiden 2. XNA + Xbox + Zune. Sony's Phil Harrison leaves. Gran Turismo 5 put back to 2009.… more »
This week's shownotes: Unrelated letters. PS3 slim nonsense. Format war update. 80 killed in Afghanistan today. Red Alert 3 - Giant Squid no thanks. Yahoo! reject Microsoft offer. Some Google stuff - Adam goes on about phone stuff for ages. Dark… more »
This week's shownotes: Sega lay-off 400. Wipeout Pulse review. Devil May Cry 4. The Club. Heroes of Might and Magic: Dark Messiah. Windows Vista SP1 RTM. Super Mario Galaxy. The Wii has built in memory btw. Download, 15MB, MP3. more »
This week's shownotes: EA still having issues with PS3. Dr Brain Training man. PS3 slim line rumours. EA announce FaceBreaker. Dragon Age, Lord of the Rings game. StarCraft Online rumours. Microsoft want to buy Yahoo! Metal Gear Solid Portable… more »
This week's shownotes: Letters. Adam's Alien vs. Predator rant. Warhammer online. Xbox 360 attachment rate record. Nintendo adds Master System to Wii. Wii in schools. EA does ad-supported gaming. Squad Commander. Turok, Devil May Cry, Might and… more »
This week's show notes: Special guest: Jamdonut. NCsoft cancels Spacetime MMO game. Nintendo and Sony sued on controller input method. World of WarCraft - Wrath of Lich dude. Crysis editor and nukes. PlayStation Portable slim review. Download,… more »
This week's shownotes: Letters. World WarCraft. Letters. Xbox 360 sales surpass 17.7 million. Free Xbox Live Arcade game. Format war update. New Xbox 360 SKU? Dreamcast. Nyko Perfect Shot Wii. Download, 33MB, MP3. more »
This week's shownotes: World of WarCraft (again). Eve Online. Assassin's Creed (again). Radeon 3870. Crysis. Gears of War. Download, 25MB, MP3. We'll be having a week off next week, but we'll be back in 2008. more »
This week's shownotes: Intel: Wii 2 won't have hand controllers. PlayStation 3 still losing in console war. Sony: PS3 "infinitely more fun" than the Wii. Tomb Raider Underworld. Resident Evil: Degeneration. BBFC take Manhunt 2 to court. Wii… more »
This week's shownotes: Eve Online Trinity deletes boot.ini. New studio grabs MechWarrior licence. Dreamcast 2. Windows Vista SP1 RC. Xbox 360 update. World of WarCraft update. Bioshock. Assassin's Creed. Wii Zapper. Download, 31MB, MP3. more »
This week's shownotes: Activision Vivendi merger. Nintendo stuff. Xbox 360 December update. Assassins Creed review. Supreme Commander Forged Alliance review. Super Mario Galaxies review. Download, 38MB, MP3. more »
This week's shownotes: Sony halve cost of development kits. PS3 problems with PES 2008. Singapore unban Mass Effect. Ghostbusters game announced. Halo 3 map pack. Sony drop Cell processor. House of the Dead coming to Wii. Xbox originals coming… more »
This week's shownotes: Letters. Jericho. Assassin's Creed. Lego Indiana Jones. £35 Xbox 360 at Tesco. Sony admit "stalemate" in war with HD DVD. iPhone flops in Europe. Xbox 360 games vs PlayStation 3 games. Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare.… more »
This week's shownotes: Latest Mac OS insecure. Spiderman Friend or Foe. Santa is fat. Religious nonsense. Mac OS insecure, again. Mutant Storm Empire really good. Freeze iPod. Kill spiders. SimCity Societies. Ship Simulator 2008 review.… more »
This week's shownotes: Random stuff. Halo 3 Halloween something. Xbox division posts profit for the quarter. Time Machine LOL. Crysis demo review. The Orange Box on Xbox 360 review. The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hour Glass review. Download, 23MB,… more »
This week's shownotes: Letters. Gears of War PC gold. Battlestar Galactica out this week. PlayStation 3 sales down. Xbox 360 overtakes Wii. PS3 compatibility. EA wants a single open platform. Five free HD DVDs. Episode Two review. Beyond the… more »
This week's shownotes: Letters. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion downloadable content. EA acquire BioWare / Pandemic. Project Gotham Racing 4. Unreal Tournament 3 beta demo. The Simpson's Game demo review. Skate review. Portal review. Download, 26MB,… more »
This week's shownotes: Letters. PS3 price drop. Microsoft set Bungie loose. Halo 3. Flight Simulator X Acceleration. Blue Dragon review. Download, 26MB, MP3. more »
This week's shownotes: Activation buys Bizarre Creations. The Orange Box goes into production. US Air Force scum bags. Apple iBrick. Halo 3 review. Download, 38MB, MP3. more »
This week's shownotes: Crysis demo delayed. Halo 3 news. World in Conflict review. Team Fortress 2 review. Download, 33MB, MP3. more »
This week's shownotes: Letters. Halo 3 believe ads. Team Fortress 2 Beta soon. New Steam features. Halo Wars. Download, 30MB, MP3. more »
This week's shownotes: Letters, audio review of the Darkness. Adam's console collection. Microsoft ban cracker until the year 9999. 51GB HD DVD discs. Download, 29MB, MP3. more »