Out this week get your engines at the ready for Super Mario Kart, relive the classic SNES racing game in the best iteration that the series has ever had, and consistently ranked as one of the best games ever made. Choose from eight of your favourite… more »
A game that has been on my radar ever since it was announced is 3D Dot Game Heroes, developed by the epic From Software comes this heroic tale of... The Manager! Armed with your trusty briefcase and receding hairline, the king has asked for your… more »
An article in EDGE, way back in 2006 with Quantic Dream CEO David Cage cited that he was happy to announce that Omikron 2: Karma would be released around 2009, well that never happened, but we can say that it can now be expected for a release this… more »
You may have never heard of this title before, but Turbo Trainz has Gamercast itching to get its hands on the new game in development at Broken Switch Studios, it’s not because you are racing trains, oh no. This Wii exclusive title has the player… more »
Ubisoft are pleased to announce that their worldwide hit Just Dance, that launched mid-November 2009, has sold more than two million units worldwide, becoming the fastest-selling new intellectual property from a third-party publisher on the Wii. In… more »
Rune Factory Frontier an exclusive to the Nintendo Wii, features beautiful graphics and utilises the Wii’s controls to the fullest. As well as being a beautiful game Rune Factory Frontier features an open-ended structure to the story and gameplay,… more »
Calling brings new heights to the horror genre, with a breath-taking control system that immerses the player into its nightmare scenario. The player begins the game trapped in a strange room, with the Wii Remote doubling as the on-screen protagonists… more »
With a rather enigmatic title, 15 Days is a fast-paced adventure game about a troupe of London political activists that steal art from the best guarded musuems in the world, and then donate their millions to development projects in Africa. Only two… more »
If you liked Dante’s Inferno -which wasn’t difficult- you’ll be happy to know that by the end of April there will be new DLC that doesn’t simply add a new level to the game; you’ll be able to create your own content! Choose to play as Dante or the… more »
MotoGP 09/10 takes the series in an exciting new direction rewarding players for their racing style and skill on the track. Gamers will get all the riders, tracks and teams from the official 2009 MotoGP season AND free downloadable content from the 2010… more »
Deep Silver and Daedalic Entertainment are proud to announce that the much anticipated adventure game The Whispered World has gone gold, and will be released in the UK on April 23rd. In The Whispered World you are whisked away to a beautiful fantasy… more »
Deus Ex Human Revolution is the next game in the Deus Ex series, will it surpass the first game, who knows? This was first shown at GDC 2010, hopefully a lot more will be revealed at E3 like the video states. more »
Namco Bandai Games and Volatile Games have officially confirmed that Dead to Rights: Retribution has gone gold! A re-imagining of the popular crime-action series that had its hey-day on the Playstation 2. Retribution puts players in the control of vice… more »
We love our adventure games over at Gamercast, and if there's one name that we can rely on; it's Steve Ince. It has been confirmed that his character Sunny will face a new adventure in So Blonde: Back to the Island for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo… more »
Samurai Shodown Sen is a weapons-based 3D fighting game, originally released only in Japanese arcades under the name Samurai Spirits Sen, this Xbox 360 exclusive title takes place during the turbulent Edo period in Japan, and promises to be the most… more »
After being released in the UK back on December 17th on the PSN the Blue Toad Murder Files are finally coming to North America. These extremely British games, developed by Relentless Software are episodic murder mystery games that are exclusive to the… more »
This week: News (1:11): Monster Hunter Tri Nintendo 3DS Game Room Dementium II Monster Jam 2011 BlindGiRl Replika Splinter Cell: Conviction Mafia II Lost Planet 2 Hydro Thunder Xbox 360 USB storage support Ubisoft DRM F.3.A.R. Paul's… more »
To celebrate the explosive Just Cause 2 coming out, we thought we'd remind you of just how much of an open sandbox it is. Firstly we present you with the launch trailer, showing off really what the whole game is about, rebellion and destruction. Our… more »
To celebrate the launch of Monster Hunter Tri, which goes on sale April 23rd, Nintendo are offering fans the chance to attend an exclusive pre-launch gaming session to a limited number of lucky people; please note however that the London event is now… more »
Tecmo Koei Europe have decided to go where no other publisher has been before, and introduces two new DSiWare titles that invert the way you would usually interact with your Nintendo DSi; by simply using the touch screen at the top rather than the… more »
Get your guns at the ready and suit up as the latest Lost Planet 2 demo heads for Xbox Live and the Playstation Network, prepare for intense 16 player online battles, including full chat support and in-depth result stats so you can brag to all your… more »
Everyone is a fan of quiz games, and BBQ Games recently caught our eye at Gamercast for their soon-to-be-released title; Avatar Quizcall. Boasting over 1000 questions, 4-player support, online high score tables and avatar support, who needs 1vs100!… more »