Lord of Ultima is a new browser-based online strategy game set within the Ultima Universe, which is available for free, and is designed for everyone, ensuring that newcomers to the strategy genre or diehard fans will feel welcome, and strive in the… more »
If you were watching Doctor Who last Saturday it’s likely that you would have seen the new trailer for the Doctor Who: Adventure Games series, hopefully seeing the Doctor and Amy confronted by a new design Dalek in what appears to be a nightmarish… more »
Ubisoft have announced an environmental initiative to eliminate paper game manuals, and replace them with in-game digital manuals for all titles on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Shaun White Skateboarding will be starting this initiative when it… more »
With Blacklight: Tango Down, developers Zombie Studios are raising the bar for downloadable games by giving players the kind of experience that they would traditionally find in AAA retail games. So it’s no surprise that they have just recently announced… more »
We've got to Save the Turtles!
Developed and published by Sabarasa, a Latin American company, Save the Turtles is one of the first of several upcoming titles exclusively for DSiWare and WiiWare. In Save the Turtles players must help endangered sea turtles as they hatch from the… more »
The Penal Zone is a welcome return to crazy universe of Sam and Max; focusing on the invasion of General Skun’ka’pe; an intergalactic criminal warlord man-ape who is searching the universe for a box of toys.. oh yes and the toys are psychic. more »
This week: News (1:30): Demon's Souls Rocket Knight XCOM Gears of War 3 A Shadow's Tale Little Big Planet 2 Ninety-Nine Nights II Xbox Live Sam & Max Dead Space: Martyr Your letters (24:48): Letter from Charlotte and Matthew Name that… more »
This week I have had the immense pleasure of playing UK Truck Simulator and have found that it has changed a great deal from it’s predecessor Euro Truck Simulator. more »
To simply watch the introductory cutscene of The Whispered World -of a hand turning a page as they begin to recount the tale of Sadwick- is enough to give me goosebumps, it has been many years since an adventure game has presented such a chilling and… more »
We’ve been counting down the days since the last episode of Sam and Max Season 2, so we are very happy to announce that the premiere episode of Sam and Max: The Devil’s Playhouse; The Penal Zone is now available for download on Windows, Mac and off the… more »
We got the Gamercast team all down on the sofa to try out BBQ Games’ newest addition to their library; Avatar QuizCall, which boasts over 1000 questions; we haven’t had one repeat yet! 4-player support; so four of the crew could play together – sorry… more »
Namco Bandai have announced that the immensely popular Demon’s Souls will be having an exclusive Black Phantom Limited Edition to reward Europeans for being so patient. Demon’s Souls is the ultimate action RPG from Atlus, which features online support… more »
Since 2006, Cyanide have released a title in the Pro Cycling Manager series; now on its 5th year, Cyanide have released new images for Pro Cycling Manager - Tour de France 2010, that spotlight the graphic evolution of the game,boasting higher resolution… more »
Do you know your cultivator from your combine harvester? Do you reckon you can yield a field of crop before rain falls? Well get your tractor ready because Farming Simulator is the game that you've been missing your whole life. more »
Everyone’s favourite Rocket Knight; the jet-packed opossum is making a return on the XBLA, PSN and Steam, in a re-imaging of the classic Rocket Knight Adventures. 15 years since his first game on the Megadrive, Sparkster returns home to find the kingdom… more »
X-COM: Enemy Unknown is one of the rarer games to find on the PSX, even us at Gamercast have never managed to pick up a copy (as well as various sequels). However the franchise is now being re-imagined by 2K Games development studio 2K Marin, who of… more »
After an unofficial announcement last week, it has now been set in stone that the dramatic conclusion to the Xbox 360’s most unforgettable and renowned saga; Gears of War 3 will be taking the gaming world by storm next Spring, when players worldwide… more »
Some readers may recall us announcing the date for Darkness Within 2, well we have had the privilege of an exclusive interview with the developers at Zoetrope Interactive, who, based in Istanbul have a team of three, and successfully launched their… more »
Frogger Returns, as Konami brings the classic heart-pounding arcade challenge to DSiWare! The classic top-down 2D gameplay has been updated with colourful 3D graphics from a new perspective, with all new-levels, new enemies and power-ups to help Frogger… more »
In a not too dissimilar alternate world, there is a tower that rises above all, no one knows who built it or why it is built, regardless of its origin, the tower sheds a large shadow upon the land; however its structure it is filled with moving shadows.… more »
This week: News (1:10): Blue Toad Murder Files So Blonde: Back to the Island Dead to Rights Retribution The Whispered World Mario Kart F.E.A.R. 3 Dr Who The Adventure Games Just Cause 2 Alan Wake No More Heroes 2 Spider-Man Shattered… more »
A follow up from our previous piece on Avatar QuizCall made by the recently emerged developer on the Xbox Live Indie Marketplace BBQ Games. After the success from their first two games; Spiders! Why Spiders! and Simply Hangman, BBQ Games have… more »