Excited by the hype of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword? Want to win a copy for free? Do you have a Link costume? If you answered yes to all those questions then you’d be in luck. Because Friday morning GAME are running a launch day event on Oxford Street from 9am. more »
Now Interworks have just announced the Resident Evil Magnum, wait for it... and Knife! Exclusively for the Nintendo Wii, the Resident Evil Magnum Blaster is actually one Motion Controller peripheral we would not be ashamed of owning, and it looks fantastic. more »
Closed Beta’s are all the rage these days, and Paradox Interactive have revealed that they will be holding one for the hotly anticipated King Arthur II: The Role-playing Wargame; their forthcoming real time strategy/level based game that is set for a release Q1 2012 for PC. more »
Lace Mamba Global have recently been picking up a whole array of amazing games and bringing them over to the UK, a large portion of these releases have been in a Collector’s Edition format. Well we’re happy to announce that they’re bringing the PC… more »
This week: Reviews and/or previews (1:10): The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim News (2:02): YouTube giveaway! Zelda 25th Anniversary Deponia Ski Region Simulator 2012 The Last Story & Pandora's Tower Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Gotham City I… more »
As you may know, the London MCM Expo was held two weeks ago at the London ExCel Exhibition Centre at the London Docklands, it may not be E3, but it’s pretty much the closest we have in the UK to San Diego’s Comic con. more »
When Captain John O’Neil awakens from his cryogenic sleep aboard the lost and damaged starship Westwick his memories have faded after a sleep of over 312 years. It is now the year 2499, and in a post-apocalyptic future you will need to search for answers. more »
Take to the seas and manage your offshore oil platforms in the newest Simulator from Excalibur Publishing.. except the management isn't all it's cracked up to be in this simple arcade simulator. more »
We're running a giveaway from now until the 30th of November, celebrating 1,500 subscribers on our Youtube Channel, so we want all of our readers, watchers and purveyors the chance to win a selection of gaming merchandise. more »
Excalibur Publishing has just announced another new simulator coming very soon. From the makers of Farming Simulator 2011 comes Ski Region Simulator 2012 more »
Nintendo have unveiled a limited edition Zelda 25th Anniversary 3DS bundle that will be available to Zelda fans just in time for Christmas! more »
Following our preview of the illustrious Deponia, we are sad to announce that the hotly anticipated adventure game from the award-winning Daedalic Entertainment has been put back to the second quarter of 2012. more »
Three classic PC Worms titles are now available to purchase from Steam, so if you have a bit of a hankering for some Classic Worms, Worms Pinball and Worms Blast are all available now. more »
The friendly people at Hello Games have announced that Playstation 3 owner’s favourite stuntman Joe Danger will be finally blasting his way onto the Xbox Live Arcade just in time for the holidays. more »
We’re very happy to let all our readers know that Ronimo Game’s upcoming game has now been given a slightly more confirmed release date of February 2012, and that game is of course Awesomenauts. To accompany the choice of the move of the release date… more »
With the newest game in the Anno series just around the corner, the demo for Anno 2070 is available for download now. The next iteration in the hugely successful Anno franchise brings the series 300 years forward to the future of real time strategy. more »
This week: News (1:15): Fallout New Vegas: Ultimate Edition Rayman: Origins Jurassic Park Yesterday Akai Katana Shin Metal Gear Solid HD GTA V Joe Danger Trine 2 Awesomenauts BIT.TRIP Humble Voxatron Bundle SEGA Ubisoft Alan Wake 2/Nig… more »
It was only a matter of time; all good games full to the brim with DLC eventually get a special edition. Finally Fallout: New Vegas can be purchased with all released DLC at once, allowing you to enjoy the game in its full glory. more »
Ubisoft shows us how to die in various ways in their upcoming Rayman: Origins alongside the announcement of a demo coming November 9th 2011. more »
Much to the dismay of adventure gamers that own Xbox 360’s –yes there is a fair amount of you- the 360 version of Jurassic Park: The Game will unfortunately not see release in Europe until 2012. more »
Pendulo Studios are most well-known for their comedic Runaway trilogy that has sold millions of units worldwide, however the studio has taken a very different turn for it's newly announced title that will offer an original and dark thriller. more »
We begin a journey of discovery in The Book of Unwritten Tales, an epic new adventure game from German developers King Art that have perhaps made one of the greatest adventure games of all time. more »