Doublefine's last XBLA game in the trio of goodness is finally heading to Europe, and it's also having a bit of a name change, and some new, free added content! more »
This week: News (1:30): Xbox 360 Catherine New Little King's Story Playstation Vita BlazBlue Revolution Botanicula Gears of War 3 ChuChu Rocket Rayman 3 Hoodlum Havoc Team17 Super Sale Humble Introversion Bundle Square Enix Grotesque Tac… more »
Simulation fans have a new magazine released just for them with World of Simulations, brought to you by the primary publishers of simulation games in the UK; Excalibur Publishing. more »
So the Steam Sale is almost over and we've been graced with another day of deals. Unlike usual the deals aren't repeats of the ones available previously and it's a new host of games at cheaper prices. For any Gamerscore hunters out there you should… more »
So day four has dawned upon us, and I imagine it is the penultimate day of deals as the sale is lasting for tomorrow as well. I can never remember how Steam does its deals and if new ones will go up tomorrow or not. I hope they do though! Kane &… more »
Lace Mamba Global have announced that they are publishing the retail version of the recently digitally released PC Satirical RPG Grotesque Tactics 2: Dungeons and Donuts in the UK scheduled for Q1 2012. more »
The third day of the Steam sale is almost over while we wait in anticipation for the fourth day's deals. Here are day three’s array of deals including the amazing GTA Franchise sale, containing all the GTA games (not including GTA London sadly) for £… more »
It's now day two of the Autumn Steam Sale and we've got a new host of cheap deals that include a variety of recent and slightly older releases. Including the very recently released L.A. Noire for £17.49. Plus the amazingly cheap Total War Mega Pack for… more »
We venture to Isla Nublar for a look at Jurassic Park in our review of Telltale Games' newest series that blends the adventure game genre with interactive movies. more »
One thing that PC gamers have grown to love is the Steam sales, which luckily seem to happen very often these days. Of course it's a bad day for some, due to the sheer number of games purchased because they're cheap. My total is currently at about 182… more »
Paradox Interactive have released compilation collections for three of their most popular franchises; Magicka, Hearts of Iron III, and Cities in Motion. The compilations include the full game and all of the DLC released. more »
Lace Mamba Global has announced that they will be releasing a retail version of the critically acclaimed eco simulation Fate of the World - Tipping Point on January 27th 2012, and will include the full game, and all of the DLC packs released so far. more »
The new Kinect friendly dashboard update has now been confirmed to be rolled out on December 6th according to Microsoft who officially announced all the details earlier. The new dashboard update that some are looking forward to, and some are dreading… more »
Digital Reality the developers behind one of the fastest and fun arcade racers for years have announced that the game is now finally available for Windows via Steam! more »
Sumthing Else Music Works have announced that with their partnership with Capcom, they are releasing the first in what will hopefully be a series of music collections of classic Capcom music. more »
This week: News (1:32): Saints Row the Third Max Payne 3 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 SSX The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim SEGA PSN & XBLA deals Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster Assassin's Creed Revelations BloodRayne: Betrayal F1 2011… more »
With the recent development videos concerning the animations and movement of Max Payne 3, the game has definitely moved forwards to a positive direction. What better announcement to make you hungry for more Max, than a Special Collector’s Edition! more »
Ubisoft shows us how to beat the upcoming Rayman: Origins in their latest trailer just in time for the release of the game this week November 25th. more »
Paradox Interactive have released the first in a series of live action trailers for their upcoming, highly anticipated grand strategy title; Crusader Kings II. Taking a rather humorous approach to the particularly serious game, is quite a surprise. more »
For those of you that have yet to try the magical, the fantastic, the inspired, Magicka, it’s free this weekend on Steam for all you lovely people. The already dirt cheap alchemy based gib-em-up is free starting from today, and the series will be on sale more »
Ubisoft are releasing a series of Vinyl Figures known as ‘Eeerz’, and they are invading Europe! To launch the figures, Ubisoft are holding an event at Forbidden Planet in London next week, and is open to the public, and free to attend. more »
2K Games have announced that customers that pre-order the standard game now, and for a limited time, will be upgraded to The Darkness II Limited Edition for free. more »