This week: News (1:24): Catherine Touch My Katamari Sine Mora King of Fighters XIII Nintendo 3DS Jurassic Park Batman Arkham City The Darkness II Star Wars the Old Republic X3 Albion Prelude SoulCalibur V The Sims 3 Showtime Spike VGAs… more »
Dear Esther will be available on Steam February 14th 2012 for $9.99, if you never got around to trying out the mod, now is your chance to experience this unique storytelling game the way it was intended. more »
We recently previewed Techtonic Games’ action packed Bust-n-Rush that offered high-speed challenges and endless levels thanks to procedurally generated assets in the Unity3D game engine. Well in a surprise turn, the game is now out! more »
It has been six years since Rebellion's highly-acclaimed Sniper Elite hit the shelves to give gamers an authentic World War II sniping experience. Finally, Rebellion and 505 Games have joined together to fulfil those hardcore gamers wishes by bringing… more »
Not the park silly! Jurassic Park: The Game has had a European publisher signed, and thanks to Kalypso Media Group it will be seeing release in Europe Q1 2012. more »
Cosplayers around the UK have the chance of a photo shoot with a top fashion photographer at an exclusive London studio, a playstation 3 and a copy of SoulCalibur V. more »
Those eager Catherine fans out there should now know that Deep Silver have announced the release date for their upcoming Atlus release, Catherine. Just in time for Valentine ’s Day, it is set for release on February 10th. After Deep Silver announced the… more »
We hit the streets and police with all due force in Excalibur Publishing's latest simulator; Police Force. Arrest drunks, hooligans, rioters and more in this hands-on Police simulator. more »
This week: News (0:37): Catherine 3D Classics: Kid Icarus Scene It? Movie Night Catball Eats it All Total War: Shogun 2 2.8 Hours Later Battlefield 3 Crusader Kings II All Zombies Must Die NeverDead Magicka the stars are left Iron Brigade Xbox Update… more »
Focus Home Interactive have just released a rather interesting teaser trailer of their upcoming game ‘Of Orcs and Men’. more »
Soldak Entertainment have released new confirmed information on their latest game Drox Operative by revealing two of the warring races that will make up the 13 factions across the galaxy in this dynamic action RPG. more »
Bust-n-rush is a new game from independent company Techtonic games, with a true indie mentality; their first game is simplicity at its best, and it’s ruthless gameplay makes it one game that surely separates the men from the boys. more »
Paradox Interactive have released their second in the series of fantastic live action trailers for their upcoming, highly anticipated grand strategy title; Crusader Kings II. Get ready to experience the most dangerous of sins in Crusader Kings II; envy.… more »
Deep Silver have now made a new Catherine announcement to make all the eager fans in the UK very happy! For those left waiting on the edge of your seats since the announcement of Catherine’s release, wondering if we’d have anything to rival the… more »
Are you ready to defend Ardania? Have you got what it takes to bring Elves, wizards and Dwarves together to beat the undead hordes? You better because Ardania is depending on you.... more »
We weren’t sure if it would happen, but it is now official, doublesix's All Zombies Will Die on both Playstation 3, Steam and Xbox 360, thanks to a publishing deal with Square Enix. more »
NeverDead one of our favourite games from the line-up at this year’s E3 has now been officially dated! Konami have also confirmed that NeverDead will obtain the full DLC treatment and will receive a number of add-ons after its release. more »
Everyone loves a bit of Worms, even if they don’t know it with countless ‘Incoming’ ringtones, Worms is a staple in a gaming diet, and if you’ve yet to play one, well how can you call yourself a true gamer? more »
Expect tentacled beings galore as you battle with creatures from beyond your understanding of time and space, and slip into a descent of insanity in this newest expansion for Magicka. more »
Deep Silver have announced a special Christmas surprise for fans of their hit game Dead Island. Starting from December 1st 2011, a special Dead Island themed Christmas calendar will open, allowing you to win a host of prizes. more »
We put our feet into the shoes of Kaiser Freidrich I of the Holy Roman Empire for our preview of Paradox Interactive's sequel to the 2004 cult hit Crusader Kings, and boy were they some comfy shoes! more »
New up-and-coming independent game studios Techtonic Games have just released a dev diary for their upcoming game; Bust-N-Rush a procedurally generated action game made in the Unity Engine. more »