Enter a dark tale in our preview of Yesterday
Mention Pendulo Studios to a fellow adventure gamer they think warm bright colours, insane characters and humorous dialogue, well get ready to turn your preconceptions around with Pendulo Studios' upcoming Yesterday. more »
Celebrate Valentines Day with Lollipop Chainsaw
To celebrate Lollipop Chainsaw Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and KADOKAWA GAMES have treated everyone to a Valentine's Day trailer to explain exactly why there is a guy's head following her around. Say hello to Nick: more »
Tiny Bang Story is now available on iPad
One of my favourite games of 2011 has now been released for iPad, and that is Colibri Games’ Tiny Bang Story. It’s been given a HD release for iPad… more »
Diablo 3 expected in the second quarter
Activision Blizzard during their recent conference call with investors announced that they expect the eagerly awaited Diablo 3 to be released in the second quarter of the year. more »
After our review of recent indie title A Sirius Game, we hooked up with developer Moumita Paul for a few words on her second published title. more »
Recently I had the chance to check out a very special upcoming PSP Minis title which literally hours ago finally had its name announced, and that game is FuturLab's newest game Velocity… more »
No, don't get surprised, this isn't Psychonauts confirmed and on the definite horizon, but you can be part of a Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert collaboration! more »
Quarrel is a brand new party game that’s just hit the Xbox Live Arcade; the aim of Quarrel is anagrams! That’s right, it’s a word game, and a fun one at that because there is a goal state to take over the map by having Quarrels. more »
So the last few days have been a bit crazy for gamers fond of Psychonauts. It is well known that Tim Schafer has wanted to make a Psychonauts sequel and for years everyone else has wanted him to make it. more »
Excalibur Publishing are bringing three new simulators straight to their Extra Play range that allows simulator fans a new experience or a classic title at an affordable price, so if you like accidents, mining or fishing, you're in luck. more »
Modders get at your battlestations! The Skyrim Creation Kit is now officially available alongside the Skyrim High-Resolution Texture Pack. more »
Awesome news for you XBLA gamers out there feasting on titles and looking for a new game to sink your teeth into! BloodRayne: Betrayal, the stylistic 2D platformer from animation gods WayForward is permanently dropping in price! more »
Fans of the long running Microsoft Flight Simulator rejoice! If you didn't get into the beta either, do not fret, you've not long to wait until the free-to-play Microsoft Flight is released! more »
I’m no stranger when it comes to ship fairing games; I once had an addiction to Akella’s Pirates of the Caribbean, now Over Cloud 9 have married ships and magic in a beautifully indie relationship, why don’t you have a look. more »
Never got into the beta? Can't wait until release? Well you can download a demo of Crusader Kings II now, and whilst you are at it, pre-order the game and you can get your hands on some free DLC. more »
Very soon they’ll be a new Playstation Mini title to keep yourself busy with, not only is it an adorable game, but the sound effects just help round it all off. Making the giraffe sound almost Yoshi like when he munches down on a piece of grub, or at… more »
Paradox Interactive are holding a fantastic Crusader Kings II contest on their forums with prizes that fans could only dream of! more »
We've been following announcements on the forthcoming release of Soldak's newest dynamic masterpiece Drox Operative. Well we've had the chance to interview Steven Peeler head honcho of Soldak on their latest game. more »
Wadjet Eye Games, an independent publisher of retro-styled games, and UK-based indie developer Chris Burton invite players to jump into the ring with Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass. more »
We recently posted about the forthcoming release of Shadow of a Soul,the first chapter in a series of games developed by one man. Well we've had the chance to interview that one man. more »
Deep Silver have announced that they will be distributing the retail release of Telltale’s hit adventure game series in the first quarter of 2012 across Europe. more »
One of the most entertaining types of simulators are truly the destructive kind, we’ve demolished like the best of them, but rarely does a construction simulator come along. more »