Want to be teased for Sanctum 2?
Coffee Stain Studios have unveiled a teaser for the upcoming and now very anticipated Sanctum 2! more »
Prepare your mercenaries for the Dogs of War Online
Cyanide have unveiled images of their upcoming Dogs of War Online; a free-to-play multiplayer game based on the extremely popular Confrontation universe. more »
Wind, rain or shine we'll deliver in our review of Transport Simulator
The truck sim is currently riding on a high point in the simulator world, roll on Transport Simulator, a new assignment based truck simulator the question is, will it surpass the No. 1 truck sim? more »
Get some fantastic new PC games in the Bundle stars Fire & Ice bundle!
Bundles are all the rage these days with PC games, and they really help the indie crowd, Bundle stars have unveiled their first pay-what-you-want bundle with 10 great games! more »
Get ready for A Bird Story
Freebird Games have announced its newest game following on from the success of its humble story driven adventure To The Moon, in the same tradition as their first title, A Bird Story. more »
Alien Spidy dated for release
Kalypso Media and Enigma Software have announced the release date for their upcoming game that hopes to change everyone’s opinion of arachnid creatures! more »
Try out the Showdown Effect before it's too late!
Because you haven’t bought it yet, Paradox Interactive and Arrowhead Game Studios have released a demo The Showdown Effect! more »
There's light at the end of the tunnel for Death Inc. or so we hope!
Unfortunately for those that had backed the fantastic mix of death, business management and real time strategy formally known as Death Inc. the Kickstarter for the project did not successfully make the goal, but.. more »
Not sure why you keep dying? Check out these brilliant Dungeonland survival tips!
Paradox Interactive have released a selection of helpful survival tips straight from the horse’s mouth, well from the plucking young heroes that dare visit Dungeonland, so that your stay at the park may be a little longer. more »
Company of Heroes 2 release date announced
Thanks to SEGA for recently acquiring Relic Entertainment from the recent THQ bankruptcy they've now announced a release date for Company of Heroes 2 as THQ didn't manage to release it before running into problems… more »
Go out and grab some cash in Dollar Dash
It’s time to get your grab bag out, Kalypso Media’s Dollar Dash is out now on the Xbox Live Arcade and Windows PC. more »
The Showdown Effect's out now!
If you haven’t been following it, then you may not be aware that The Showdown Effect; the beautiful culmination of action movies, one-liners, guns, explosions and the stereotypical champions of the action films of the good old days, is now out! more »
Help bring the Enhanced Edition of J.U.L.I.A to fruition
The team at CBE Software hope to create an Enhanced Edition of J.U.L.I.A with $5,000, a small fraction of the usual crowd-sourcing goals. more »
Episode 329: End of conversation
Shownotes: News (1:52): Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked Wii Mini Thomas Was Alone Rambo The Videogame Dead Island Riptide J.U.L.I.A From Bedrooms to Billions Tomb Raider… more »
Killer is Dead reveal trailer released
Deep Silver have released the official European reveal trailer for the hotly anticipated Killer is Dead from Suda51’s Grasshopper Manufacture. more »
First Space Hulk screenshots revealed
Full Control, the developers of the eagerly awaited Space Hulk have released their first screenshots of the game, and its looking fabulous! more »
Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag details revealed
We've just had fun playing as Connor in the American Revolution and now the time has come for a new addition to the franchise as Assassin's Creed is of course a yearly release… more »
The Witcher 3: Ultimate RPG!
CD Projekt RED have spoken a little about the Witcher 3 and how they are hoping to achieve what I like to call; the ultimate RPG. more »
Metro: Last Light has a confirmed release date
After the recent acquisition of the Metro IP from THQ, Deep Silver have announced that Metro: Last Light will be released very shortly… more »
Enjoy le ballet of death in The Showdown Effect
What’s got more guns, explosions, and clichéd one liners than you can handle? Not sure you want to know, well I think you do, because The Showdown Effect is almost ready to explode. more »
Check out the roleplaying features of Sacred Citadel
Deep Silver have let a little more information slip about their upcoming side-scrolling action brawler Sacred Citadel, set in the rich universe of Sacred. more »
Willem Dafoe and a release date announced for BEYOND: Two Souls
BEYOND: Two Souls has had a couple of new videos released for it, detailing a certain actor who is starring alongside Ellen Page in the highly anticipated psychological action thriller. more »