H.P. Lovecraft's Call of Cthulhu is set to return to the video game world
Whilst checking out the absolutely stunning new Sherlock Holmes game Crimes and Punishments from Frogwares, we were elbowed towards the studios next title in the works. more »
Hearts of Iron IV announced from Paradox Development Studio
The second game announced at the Paradox Interactive Convention was yet another game in the works at the illustrious Paradox Development Studio, one that many a fan will be excited to hear; Hearts of Iron IV. more »
Runemaster announced from Paradox Development Studio
The Paradox Interactive Convention took place today in Miami where the publisher of all things grand announced two forthcoming games from Paradox Development Studio; the creators of Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis. more »
Styx: Master of Shadows announced
Fans of the stealth genre are used to a bit of Solid Snake, perhaps a smartly dressed hitman, but how about a gnarled goblin? more »
Go rogue in Blackguards, it's out now!
The demo may have only been released two days ago, but the full game is now available too, very rarely do you encounter a game that sees a release early, so Daedalic Entertainment thought they'd break out of the norm! more »
Sample the turn based roleplaying game Blackguards in the new demo!
If you weren't swayed into getting your mitts onto the Steam Early Access program of the turn based rpg Blackguards, then there's a demo just for you, yes you! more »
Breath-taking 4K Alien Isolation screenshots released
The Creative Assembly have released some brand new Alien Isolation screenshots. They look incredible. more »
Who will control the Etherium?
The first teaser trailer of the new futuristic real-time strategy Etherium has been released that sets the scene of the universe and shows the first colony of the Consortium, one of the three playable factions in the game. more »
The Last of Us Left Behind release date announced
Naughty Dog have announced the release date for their upcoming piece of story DLC for The Last of Us called Left Behind… more »
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare slips with new footage of its online modes
Bad news! Xbox One owners may be getting Rayman Legends a little earlier than originally intended, but Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare has slipped a little! more »
Check out the Titanfall Xbox One controller
The Xbox One has only been out a matter of months and it's already got a limited edition game themed wireless controller being released, for perhaps one of the biggest games to come out on the console… more »
Get acquainted with Blackguards in the first video guide
Daedalic Entertainment have released the first in a series of video guides to introduce new players how their upcoming turn based roleplaying game Blackguards plays out. more »
Adam's Venture Chronicles announced for PSN
Today Vertigo Games and Playlogic have announced a partnership to announce Adam’s Venture Chronicles exclusively on the Playstation Network… more »
Sadwick to return in Silence: The Whispered World II
Daedalic Entertainment the fine German developers and publishers of some of the best adventure games of the last ten years have gone and announced the news that I was dreading. more »
Go out on your Conquest for Paradise in Europa Universalis IV
The day has come, future conquerors can now go on a Conquest of Paradise in Europa Universalis IV, the first expansion to the award-winning empire-building game from Paradox Development Studio. more »
The Banner Saga is out now!
Today The Banner Saga was released, the game may sound vaguely familiar if you’ve ever backed any games on Kickstarter. The Banner Saga was a game on Kickstarter back in 2012 and it ended in April… more »
SimCity to be patched to add offline support
Electronic Arts today announced that an upcoming update to SimCity will add offline play. SimCity, released early last year sparked some controversy after the single player game required an internet connection to EA's servers to play the game more »
Far Cry The Wild Expeditions announced
Ubisoft are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Far Cry franchise by releasing Far Cry The Wild Expedition, a compilation of all things Far Cry… more »
Rayman Legends is coming out slightly earlier than planned
Ubisoft have today announced that the release date for Rayman Legends on Xbox One and Playstation 4 has been brought forwards slightly… more »
Get Even announced
Get Even you say? Get even with who? Well Get Even is actually the new game from The Farm 51 who are an upcoming independent studio based in Warsaw. more »
Alien: Isolation set to bring the series back to its true, terrifying form!
It's a bit tough being an Alien fan and a gamer, many games have tried and failed to capture the sheer terror that the original films inflicted back in the late seventies, though Creative Assembly's Alien: Isolation looks to change that. more »
DayZ developer session announced for EGX Rezzed
The first developer session for EGX Rezzed has been announced and it will probably end up being one of the most popular sessions if it's anything like it was at the first year… more »