Featured image of post Multiversus opens the floodgates with their closed alpha and EVO 2022 announcements

Multiversus opens the floodgates with their closed alpha and EVO 2022 announcements

Multiversus is now accepting applications for their closed alpha alongside having a featured tournament at EVO 2022 to showcase your skills for a cash prize

Multiversus, a brand new free-to-play platform brawler from Player First Games are giving players the chance to play the game (Before launch) in their closed alpha starting on the 19th May through to the 27th.

While there have been 2 technical alpha versions previously, this is the first time that the game will be available on console and in Europe for a wider public to forge their own opinions. This is your chance to add your two cents and potentially alter the finished product as Player First Games are looking to live up to their name - focusing on the feedback from their player base to make the best impression possible.

Subtle but significant changes via fan recommendations of Steven Universe

From its initial reveal where we broke down the trailer to its most important features, Multiversus is looking set to be the first of its kind that embraces the free-to-play platform while still offering cross-play, cross-progression and most importantly, what should be the new standard for any fighting game, Rollback netcode… Although no pay points is really nice too.

Form an unlikely pair and dominate the opposition

The developer is using the closed alpha as a kind of training ground for players to hone their skills and promote the games appearance at EVO 2022 - the most prolific of fighting game events with a $100k prize pool for any team who can make it into the top 32 of competitors. Registration for the tournament will open on the 30th May, 3 days after the closed alpha ends.

Sign up for the closed beta on the Multiversus website here and check out some more extended gameplay videos from the developers below.