Fans of the long running Microsoft Flight Simulator rejoice! If you didn't get into the beta either, do not fret, you've not long to wait until the free-to-play Microsoft Flight is released! more »
Never got into the beta? Can't wait until release? Well you can download a demo of Crusader Kings II now, and whilst you are at it, pre-order the game and you can get your hands on some free DLC. more »
Very soon they’ll be a new Playstation Mini title to keep yourself busy with, not only is it an adorable game, but the sound effects just help round it all off. Making the giraffe sound almost Yoshi like when he munches down on a piece of grub, or at… more »
Paradox Interactive are holding a fantastic Crusader Kings II contest on their forums with prizes that fans could only dream of! more »
We've been following announcements on the forthcoming release of Soldak's newest dynamic masterpiece Drox Operative. Well we've had the chance to interview Steven Peeler head honcho of Soldak on their latest game. more »
Wadjet Eye Games, an independent publisher of retro-styled games, and UK-based indie developer Chris Burton invite players to jump into the ring with Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass. more »
Deep Silver have announced that they will be distributing the retail release of Telltale’s hit adventure game series in the first quarter of 2012 across Europe. more »
One of the most entertaining types of simulators are truly the destructive kind, we’ve demolished like the best of them, but rarely does a construction simulator come along. more »
There aren’t many games that manage to break the language barrier, at least not literally anyway, well Pigsels Media have tried just that with their first game Coloropus which is heading to retail thanks to Lace Mamba Global. more »
Capcom have released details surrounding their highly anticipated fantasy RPG Dragon's Dogma, and some very interesting news for Resident Evil fans. more »
Paradox Interactive have released the fifth in a series of live action trailers for their upcoming, highly anticipated grand strategy title; Crusader Kings II. Get ready to experience one of the far less dangerous sins in Crusader Kings II; sloth. more »
One of the biggest shmup's of this year is the release of the joint venture between Grasshopper Manufacture and Hungarian developers Digital Reality's Sine Mora, well some fantastic news has just made surrounding it. more »
If you missed CD Projekt Red's Press conference just the other day, then you may be interested in having a bit of a read. more »
Media Molecue have now released a new premium level pack following on from their two recent Muppet themed costume packs, well now you can look forward to another new costume, levels, materials, decorations and much more. The Muppet Premium Level… more »
Whilst you have already missed your chance to receive the Dead Legions prologue, you can snap up a King Arthur II - The Role Playing Wargame demo, to have a see at what you are missing out on. more »
Paradox Interactive have released the fifth in a series of live action trailers for their upcoming, highly anticipated grand strategy title; Crusader Kings II. Get ready to experience one of the less dangerous sins in Crusader Kings II; pride. more »
The awesome developers behind the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network title; Awesomenauts have given us a sneak peak to a speed painting of Sherif Lonestar. Ronimo Games have been announcing characters and showing gameplay since the game's… more »
Ubisoft's most recent visit to Rayman that ended in platforming perfection is now coming to the PC, rejoice as soon everyone will be able to play Rayman: Origins! more »
Full Motion Video is back with a vengeance in this upbeat comedic game full of gorgeous acting. It may not be revitalising the trend, but if you want a laugh, check out Survival 2: Get Lucky! more »
With the Paradox Convention taking place last week, the Swedish publisher and developer showcased a mass of new titles for release in 2012, as well as unveiling three previously unannounced games. more »
Arc System Works have announced that BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend will be getting an exclusive Limited Edition for Europe. This very exclusive Limited edition is set to contain: 12 super-high quality prints Song Interlude soundtrack A copy of B… more »
It isn't just Excalibur Publishing that publish games for a niche audience, relatively new studio Over Cloud 9 are a small company that cater to a niche genre of RPGs, and their second game; A Sirius Game has just been released for PC. A Sirius Game transp… more »