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Get ready to demolish all

Ever wished your place of work would just disappear, or maybe you want your neighbour down the road with that noisey dog gone? Well now you can make your wishes come true without getting a criminal record, yes it’s the simulator that we’ve been waiting to be released in the English language for months is finally here, yes Demolition Simulator is just 2 weeks away from release in the UK, where you will be able to experience the fun of demolishing a building in your own home. But best of all, Demolition Simulator allows you to create your own buildings so that you may knock them down, so say goodbye to number. 42!

Jump into one of the various different demolition vehicles to tear your building down, alongside the wrecking ball, or the pneumatic drill you can also use explosives to bring down certain buildings, simply place it at strategic points of the structre and ka-blamo, then clear up the rubble with a selection of bulldozers and loaders, just to make your contractors happy.

Robert Stallibrass of Excalibur Publishing says: “We truly enjoy working together with Astragon to bring even more fantastic realistic simulations to the UK market. If demolishing buildings was fascinating for you as a Child, this simulator will give you a better insight into what it takes to bring down a building.”

If Astragon’s most recent simulation titles such as Farming Simulator Gold and Tow Truck Simulator are anything to go by, then Demolition Simulator is going to be spectacular, we can’t wait to start destroying buildings... and properly disposing of the rubble, after all you don’t want to leave any evidence.

Demolition Simulator will be available to buy at all good retailers May 28th 2010, for an SRP of £24.99, for more information such as the specifications check out Excalibur Publishing’s website.