Featured image of post Apparently the next bus is due June 25th

Apparently the next bus is due June 25th

Hop on and enjoy the ride this month as Bus Simulator 2 gets released in the UK thanks to the partnership of Astragon and Excalibur Publishing, who have brought the driving/business tycoon to Windows.

In Bus Simulator 2 you can control the sale of tickets, edit your own routes, transport passengers around custom schedules and upgrade your fleet of buses to best serve the requirements of your customers.

With your limited funds you must buy a bus and acquire a route, and with a selection of 12 beautifully detailed busses, you’ll need to work hard at your routes and schedules in order to afford them. With a huge map featuring inner city routes, harbours, country roads and villages, you will need to manage your time properly to satisfy customers so that your profits are high. As usual you will need to respect the Highway Code, or you’ll be fined.

Bus Simulator 2 will be dropped off in all good retailers for June 25th, with an SRP of £24.99, watch this space for a review of the title, we know from all the fun we’ve had from other Bus Simulation games in the past, that this one will be a winner! For more info check out Excalibur Publishing.