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Run your own animal sanctuary in Zoo Park

Sick of playing the same old tycoon games over and over? It’s a genre that has been somewhat discarded over the years, however if you’re a fan of the classics like Theme Park, or Zoo Tycoon then you may be interested in the upcoming Zoo Park: Run Your Own Animal Sanctury, coming to Windows PC thanks to Excalibur Publishing.

From giraffes, to meerkats, in Zoo Park you can care for over 30 animals from all corners of the Earth including lions, gorillas, coyotes, even moose! As a modern animal care facility you will need to run a programme of rescue, rehabilitation, research and conservation to promote the understanding and care of the animals under your wing.

But you can’t go giving a lion some fruit to munch on, so each animal type has its own requirements in terms of habitat, nutrition and care which you will need to address to run an ethically acceptable park.

In the business of rescue and rehabilitation you need a strong heart, as you’ll often have to say goodbye to the animals raised from new-borns as your sanctuary grows, but there will be plenty of other animals that need rescued from time to time, you just have to ensure that you have the available funds to keep them comfortable in your park, as well as meet the needs of your visitors.

That’s right, visitors! After all, in the real world, sanctuaries have a hard time keeping solvent, so in order to keep your books in the black you’ll have to cater for the lumbering masses that want to give you money by placing pathways to your animals, building toilet facilities, cafes, food stands and even gift shops.

It’s difficult to not drawn comparisons to the original Zoo Tycoon, however only first-hand impressions can truly merit any criticism, so we cannot wait to sample a new addition to the tycoon genre. Zoo Park is scheduled for a release May 3rd 2013 for Windows PC.