Featured image of post Tales from Space returns when Mutant Blobs Attack

Tales from Space returns when Mutant Blobs Attack

The Blobs are back! DrinkBox Studios, the developers behind Tales from Space About a Blob, a fantastic co-operative PSN title that was released earlier this year, have just announced that they are working on a follow-up in the series exclusively on the Playstation Vita with Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack.

Mutant Blobs Attack will feature new levels, new powers, new controls and a new Blob player character, so it’s goodbye Orange Blob, hello new blob that is scientifically proven to be 65% edgier and 110% meaner, perhaps the cuteness of the original is going to take a slight dip.

“The control systems available on the PlayStation Vita have allowed us to experiment with all kinds of new gameplay possibilities. We’re finding that touch controls in particular can be used to complement traditional thumb-stick puzzle-platforming very well”, said DrinkBox Designer Chris McQuinn. He added: “We learned a lot developing our first game - we want to use that experience to deliver the best game we can in Mutant Blobs Attack.”

For those lucky people visiting PAX Prime 2011, Mutant Blobs Attack will be playable at the DrinkBox Studios Booth, with some swag up for grabs, and the chance to get into the final game, who knows maybe the new edgier Blob could be eating you!

With no firm release date yet, we can imagine that Mutants Blobs Attack may see a release soon after the Playstation Vita’s release, with the addition of touch control there are a few features that would make perfect sense when utilised with them, the real question is, will they be using the tilt control also? Hopefully we’ll see more news on Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack in the coming future.