Featured image of post Contrast is coming to consoles this year!

Contrast is coming to consoles this year!

Focus Home have announced that they're publishing Compulsion Games' upcoming game Contrast on PSN and Xbox Live Arcade in addition to its original platform it was launching on, PC. You may notice the game is reminiscent of A Shadow's Tale however featuring a larger emphasis on the switching between worlds.

Contrast is set in a surreal 1920's style dreamscape, inspired by the Vaudeville style of entertainment that was popular in America from the 1880s-1930s. You take on the role of Dawn who is the imaginary friend of a young girl named Didi. Dawn is perhaps a little more special than the average imaginary friend though, she has the power to shift between two dimensions; the vibrant game world and a parallel shadow world. As Dawn you'll spend your time in the game using light sources to your advantage while manipulating real-world objects to change shadow placements, depth, height and generally solving puzzles.

The gameplay is accompanied with an incredible atmosphere which is heightened by a rich cabaret soundtrack and fantastic voice actor cast. The developers at Compulsion Games are very happy with their partnership with Focus Home.

"We are thrilled to be partnering with FOCUS to bring CONTRAST to the public. With all the effort and dedication the team has poured into this project, we feel we have found the partner that understands and fully embraces the creative artistry we have instilled in our game," stated Guillaume Provost, creative director and founder at Compulsion Games. "FOCUS's strong international presence, their experienced team and their unique understanding of CONTRAST make them the ideal partner to communicate the game's vision to a worldwide audience."

Contrast will be available on Windows, XBLA and PSN by the end of 2013.