Featured image of post Zombrex Dead Rising Sun a Dead Rising film adaptation

Zombrex Dead Rising Sun a Dead Rising film adaptation

Not many people I would imagine, with the zombie influx (or it may just be a steady flow if you really look into it) either way to accompany Dead Rising 2: Case Zero and Dead Rising 2 Capcom are bringing us a zombie flick called Zombrex Dead Rising Sun, which is inspired by the Dead Rising universe.

Well who doesn’t like zombies?

Written and directed by Capcom’s Keiji Inafune, Zombrex Dead Rising Sun follows two brothers while they try to escape a zombie outbreak that has now spread to Japan.

Zombrex is set to be released digitally over a series of eight episodes with dubbed English audio (and separate versions French, Spanish and Italian subtitles will also be available) they will be available for download. There has been no confirmation yet as to where they will be downloadable from, but it would be nice to take a leaf out of Bright Falls book and release on the internet and on Xbox Live.

Zombrex Dead Rising Sun is set to come out this summer in Europe and North America, it has a very cheesey 60-70’s feel about it, however we are sure Capcom won’t disappoint.