DeathSpank is a new downloadable title that was announced back in 2008, stemming from a character that Ron Gilbert had created in one of his Grumpy Gamer comics, DeathSpank is best described as Monkey Island meets Diablo, a fun and humorous RPG with the… more »
Another game that we had the privilege of trying out at the EA Spring Showcase was The Sims 3 Ambitions where super-friendly Associate Producer Grant Rodiek showed us the ropes. Ambitions is the second expansion for the million-unit selling franchise. more »
Remember how groundbreaking All Quiet on the Western Front was; seeing the other side of the trenches during WWI, it was a revolutionary story technique, and one not often used in video games; admittedly some have tried, but never with a story that is… more »
Yesterday Gamercast had the privilege of a trip to the industrious Sheffield, we weren’t there to visit the Millennium Galleries, or the Botanical Gardens, instead we headed into a large business park in the heart of Sheffield and visited the… more »
To simply watch the introductory cutscene of The Whispered World -of a hand turning a page as they begin to recount the tale of Sadwick- is enough to give me goosebumps, it has been many years since an adventure game has presented such a chilling and… more »
Thanks to the great people at Ubisoft, Myself and Tim headed down to the Reading Gamerbase for a taste of Splinter Cell: Conviction before it hits stores next week. As soon as we had the chance, we hit the singleplayer campaign; we really enjoyed the… more »
Many readers may not be aware, but Monster Hunter has an absolutely huge following all over the world, specifically on the Sony PSP where players still devote hours of their life to the incredible game, it has its own cult status of sorts, and diehard… more »
A game that has been on my radar ever since it was announced is 3D Dot Game Heroes, developed by the epic From Software comes this heroic tale of... The Manager! Armed with your trusty briefcase and receding hairline, the king has asked for your… more »
Catherine, our co-host and news editor felt the need to do an unboxing of the God of War III Ultimate Trilogy edition. You can watch the video below. more »
Capcom had put out all the stops last Friday at their press event for Lost Planet 2, and got Gamercast in the mood for some futuristic fights on E.D.N.III. We were shown a presentation on Lost Planet 2 delivered by Jun Takeuchi; the producer of the… more »
It’s been four years since Sam Fisher last graced our consoles, and the series had been slowly falling down a repetitive path since the original release of Splinter Cell way back in 2002, Double Agent had managed to revive the series with a fresh take… more »
This week Gamercast had the opportunity for a hands-on experience with the first Formula One title to hit the HD market. In short, we were very impressed, read on for the specifics of how Codemasters have succeeded in what looks to be the most… more »