With id's Rage just around the corner, having it playable at E3 was just the ticket to help grow the fanbase just before the release. Of course after coming back from E3 we found out about the delay to the original release date that was announced last… more »
I attended E3 with a select few games set in stone for me to want to definitely check out; you've always got the big titles on your list because you know they're going to be as great as you hoped. One game that I had down on my list was Prey 2, it was a… more »
So after having my hands on a Nintendo 3DS earlier in 2010 I definitely wanted to make sure to have another go before the handheld's launch on March 25th. Luckily Nintendo put together an event which fell on a weekend, so I made sure to get myself over… more »
We’ve got two copies of the beautifully nostalgic game to give away. All you have to do is tell us the most frustrating puzzle you have ever come across in a game. more »
It's not every day that you find a third person adventure game created in the Unreal 3 engine, which is always even more astounding for indie developers as the usual games created in it will be more "Unreal" looking. But with more recent releases such… more »
Welcome to Utopia; the city of wonders, built from the ground up, this spacious metropolis houses 1000 purpose built apartments under one roof, as well as a shopping mall full of all the amenities you would need. Worried about the commute to work? Worry… more »
We've fought long and hard as the Saracen, but now our attention turns to the more popular winners of the Crusades, not to mention the far more popularised Christian army that reigned terror upon the Muslim-controlled Middle East in an attempt to… more »
Lionheart: King’s Crusade is a new real time strategy with a twist from the developers at Neocore Games, at heart it is very much like the popular Total War Series, but with a role-playing level-up system on the side. Set during the Third Crusade… more »
Dead Rising is back, and it’s bigger, better and with more zombie massacring goodness than you thought was humanly possible. We went down to the ‘casino strip’ of London; Leicester Square to have a look at Dead Rising 2 before its release on September… more »
The Metroid series has been around since the mid 80s, originally designed by Makoto Kano of Kid Icarus fame, Metroid follows the story of a bounty hunter known as Samus Aran-Samus known to this day as being one of the earliest female protagonists in… more »
I have always held a high regard for Donkey Kong, it's one brand I know has always been brilliant and challenging at the same time, be it Donkey Kong Country on the SNES or Donkey Konga on the GameCube generally they're great examples of games, the… more »
The lights go down, the cutscene rolls, and suddenly we are transformed to the late 1950s with songs like the Book of Love and other pop classics blasting out on the radio, after a sharpish nose around Vito's house and a talk on the phone, you'll find… more »
I've had my eye on Epic Mickey since it was announced, dubbed Warren Spector's new project I knew this game had to have credibility. As you would guess from the name of the game it's another Mickey Mouse game, but this isn't your average Mickey voyage… more »
Gamercast were lucky enough to head down to a preview event showing off Nintendo's new 3DS, which is Nintendo's newest piece of hardware in development that has been announced. The Nintendo 3DS boasts improved visuals, an analogue stick and a 3D… more »
Everyone knows the Halo brand by now, or at least everyone should, the series having sold millions of copies worldwide you can't really not know about it, and with this new addition to the franchise Halo: Reach. Taking place on the planet Reach and set i… more »
Ever since Nintendo's E3 press conference the second I saw Kirby's Epic Yarn I knew it was the game for me. Being an immensely large fan of Yoshi's Story on the N64, this was all thanks to the visual style, music and child-like pop-up book appearance.… more »
I’m not going to lie, Kane and Lynch: Dead Men was a pretty bad title, I really wanted to like it, considering it was made by the very respectable developers at IO Interactive, but something just wasn’t right with the title. The controls were awful, the… more »
Space Ark is the third game to be developed by Strawdog Studios, a quaint little puzzler which has some very addictive gameplay which I urge people to check out come it's release date. The story follows the Space Ark which is populated with the… more »
Fist of the North caught the public's eye in the early 80s as a long run in Weekly Shônen Jump, which was written by Buronson and drawn by Tetsuo Hara, it then spanned into various other mangas as well as anime series'. Some of you may remember Kenshiro… more »
I'm a big Tomb Raider fan, from owning all the games, all the way up to cosplaying, so the second I heard that there was an Art of Tomb Raider being released I pre-ordered it immediately. The Art of Tomb Raider has been published by Dreams and Visions… more »
We were invited along to the Reading Gamerbase last Wednesday to give Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands a play before it is released this Friday on May 21st, the event was great, and with free pizza and soft drinks, the kind people at Ubisoft and… more »
We had the pleasure of a preview of the new PDLC for Mass Effect 2 entitled Overlord. Taking advantage of the new vehicle Overlord is full of 2-2 ½ hours of emotional story entanglement with we were shown by project director Casey Hudson! Overlord will… more »